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  1. You lube the brass? Havent seen any need with the carbide insert in the U die...? The cases are even wet tumbled, so very clean which would increase the friction and have no problems so far. I would sheck if you got a wrong die or out of spec. Maybe its a 380? Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 4 mit Tapatalk
  2. They are getting more and more common in europe, especially with the nontox ammo from S&B but also other brands like RUAG/Geco. The leadfree primers are weaker then normal ones, might optimise the flame... RUAG/DAG now even goes back to berdan flash holes but with boxer primers. I assume its to keep the pressures low in the primer with the +P+ action 4 duty ammo. Gesendet von meinem Redmi Note 4 mit Tapatalk
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