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  1. Little thing I noticed is that my bore brushes screw right into arrow insert threads. Now I have a new use for my old cf arrow shafts. Will need adapter for shotgun brushes.
  2. Got my 15-22 Tues. Ran 600+ rds so far and no probs.
  3. You may be right, but a round has to make it into the chamber first. I would not take a 10/22 with any kind of trigger to a match if the 25 round magazines do not work. But you can if you want to.
  4. I like the nail trick. Trust, but verify. Adds a step, but I would rather add a step than dnf another match for the same problem.
  5. So what everybody is saying is, “Don’t trust the powder measure.”
  6. That squib came from my very first ever batch of 100 reloads. Since added a light. If I ever get a different press, it will have more than 4 holes and a different powder system. For now I will just keep an eye on the powder in the shells.
  7. Looks awesome. Lots of setup options. Under $200.00. What’s not to like?
  8. Got a letter from PSA that said they have S&W reps to check products before they go out. Nice!
  9. That has happened to mine a few times.
  10. I have been seeing this warning from S&W about the 15-22 for a few days. https://www.smith-wesson.com/mp15-22-consumer-safety-alert?fbclid=IwAR0WSkkmDf8EtRoQkdWc9JwSD_rBLL9G_NiyYZ0MfzzIda2Tn5HRvKfPOQg I recently ordered a new 15-22 from PSA and the shipping did not seem to be affected.
  11. Do you run the 10 round magazines or the 25’s? I have no luck with the 25’s.
  12. I will go back to shooting factory ammo at matches until I get a little more reloading experience. I don’t mind a “learning opportunity” on my time at my neighborhood range, but having a dnf at a match is a waste of travel time, gas, match fees, etc. I will start checking every powder charge by eye before setting the bullets. No way to check powder level after the bullet is seated when using random brass so will also use new brass and weigh the rounds after loading until I am sure that the system is working.
  13. I am wondering if it would be better to divide a run into two batches, the first batch running everthing through with a plate setup for deprime, prime, straighten, then change plates to a second setup with powder, lockout, bullet seat, and crimp and run everything through again. After the second pass, check for oal and proper primer seating and call it done.
  14. First I have heard of a lockout die. Brilliant.
  15. It happened because I did not check the powder level in every shell. Now I know...
  16. Low powder charge, last round of the day, first string, fourth or fith shot. Funny noise, no ring from the target, RO yelled stop. I kind of half expected it from this batch of ammo since my powder was not metering perfectly. No big deal, just had to happen eventually.
  17. Dedicated dustbuster. Good idea!
  18. The mags have to work before the trigger does. As I understand it, any AR trigger will fit the 15-22.
  19. I saw a nice CZ 512 today and wondered if anyone competes with one.
  20. That’s why I love this site. Thank you!
  21. I have not compared the accuracy b/w the two. I would only keep one of the 10/22 I have b/c 10 rounds is more than enough for pests. The 25 rounders were for long strings at the range. Regarding SR-22 accuracy, both of mine are more accurate than I am, especially after removing the plastic doohickey under the bbl and shimming for droop.
  22. I bought the S&W yesterday. Glad I did it. Too bad Ruger cannot get it together. I really like the Nordic/SR-22 system, but the lack of reliable high cap mags is a deal killer. I will keep one handy for varmints, but the S&W will be my new steel match rifle.
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