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  1. Since I have some more personally collected data now, I have to amend this. In a G17, if you load on the short end, Hodgdon's published max load for 147gr jacketed bullets with Universal Clays will (at least with X-Treme 147gr plated bullets over my Chrony) just make minor PF. The difference in feel between these and the 124gr load I've been doing is at least as big as the difference in feel between factory (Blazer) 115gr and my 124gr load. I'm loading some ammo now that I'm guessing will be used for the upcoming GSSF match with the X-Treme 147s, 3.4gr Universal, and an OAL of 1.120". This is right between Hodgdon's and what I've read is Lyman's published max load. So I was very close to minor w/ 147's and 3.3 of Universal then. Since then Ive tried Universal w/ 124's and was much happier with universal under 124's than under 147's. Just me i guess... LoL For 147's ill stick with dirty ol'TG for now. But also have started running plain Clays under 124's and was very pleased with how that powder has worked so far.
  2. I always find it funny that so many people talk about how "expensive" N320 is but when you do the math it is not all that much difference. "3.1gr of N320 cost 0.0115 3.8gr of Solo 1K cost 0.0108 1000 rounds of N320: 11.51 1000 rounds of Solo 1K : 10.84" That is a whopping 0.67 per 1000 bullets. I think I will stick with N320 I bought a pound of Clays for 16 + tax and when you can find 320 on shelf in AZ? Never under 30 bucks... When you buy 320 in 4 to 8 pounders only does the price come with in reason to other powders. I like Clays much better for minor very clean, I feel its a softer shooting powder than 320 and cheaper, and alot easier to find on the shelf.
  3. So I tried 3 grs of it to start just to see how that worked? Would not cycle my gun with the stock 17 pound spring, put a 12 pound in and ran fine. Was pleased with recoil and is much cleaner burning than the TG Ive been running. Im going to run the 3.3 to see if that charge with at least cycle the stock weight spring? If that works I think this will be a great light shooting load, but Im not going to push past the data to see if i can make it to minor. Im going to buy a few hund 124's just to see how that feels and runs for my curiosity? I know I could just use some N320 for a great 9mm minor load but Im trying to go outside of box here a bit to find something that works for minor thats cleaner than TG and a lot cheaper per pound than N320?
  4. Thanks for the help! Ive heard many good things about the clays series, nice in soft shooting, and very accurate in a variety of pistol calibers. Just finding correct clays for your application is very important due to it can get in trouble in no time....
  5. Ive got Universal clays, not straight clays. Couldnt not find published data for plain Ol' clays? So i went with universal clays. Thanks WWNAZ...
  6. So Ive been wanting to give the Clays powder a try in my 9mm? Checking around in some old threads here and not being able to find any published date for Clays and 147's, I decided to get a pound of Universal due to Hodgdon listed it under there 9mm data with 147's. On Hodgdon's website data they have 3 grains as the starting point with 3.3 being max. I will be shooting these out of a G17 and Im only looking for minor power or a bit more for cleanliness. Any insight on data will be most helpful.... Thanks WWNAZ
  7. LoL..... I agree I love shooting with my GM open buds the advice they give is great and has helped me be a better shooter
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