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  1. Actually did a Nighthawk in 45 and a Rock Island Armory in 9mm
  2. I'm thinking Nighthawk now. If I'm gonna do it...
  3. I have had a few. Always run and never an issue.
  4. Maybe they have a weight limit or length restriction?
  5. Me likey. I have back ups to the back ups.
  6. Good question. Looking at the same options now.
  7. Hmmm...wonder if the ER was a special run?
  8. Can anyone confirm if there is a model that only comes with 2 magazines. Trying to get my FFL to order one and he says he can get the E, not the ER.
  9. Thats what I want. Something thats gonna run.
  10. I wanna shoot some Steel and maybe USPSA with it.
  11. Im a Glock guy. I have dozens of em. Bare bones, to more than they should cost ones. But Im looking to dive into the 1911 9mm SS. Im looking at the Range Officer, Rock Island and Colt Competition. Who recommends what and why.
  12. I use polarized sunglasses and it makes the dot crisp.
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