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  1. I’ll give that a try as well with my prior favorite match ammo ( Vihtavuori N320 3.5gn with Campro 147gn) I did use a bench rest when sighting in the gun, but I was using 147gn 231’s. I repeated the shooting several times between the 147gn and the 124gn and the 124gn was consistent groupings, whereas the 147s were a bit more diffuse. Because I’m shooting the gun standing up and not sitting, I’m pretty confident with the recipe I have for the optic ready Shadow 2 and will probably switch to that for the non-optic Shadow 2 if I ever shoot iron sights again
  2. Lightening cuts have not been made in the slide, no different really than the Shadow 2, BUT, the slide is bulkier, it’s a lot easier to rack than the non-optic, I find anyways. I just can’t see myself shooting the non-optic anymore, it’s crazy how good that gun is.
  3. Up until today I’d been running Campro 147’s with Vihtavuori N320 through my non-optic ready Shadow 2. I discovered that the Optic Ready isn’t loving that combination quite as much, but it sure does love the 124’s. Making a switch in my reloading as soon as I’ve shot through the 147’s reloads.
  4. That’s a super soft shooting load in my Shadow 2, casing barely clears the ejection port, usually rolls off the back of my hand and lands at my feet.
  5. The Optics ready comes with stock iron sights. Unless you’re looking for both windage and elevation?
  6. More bags of chips. Seriously this optics ready Shadow 2 is unbelievably good, because I sure as heck am not.
  7. Or Blue Glue (Loc-Tite). After pricing out the cost of a cheapo throw away sight, I opted for just keeping the roll pin in place and glued in. It’s holding up well.
  8. Looks good, I think I’m going to do the same with mine. Any recommendations on the throw away sight?
  9. Optics takes some practice for sure, I think especially if you’ve been shooting iron sights a long time. It slowed down someone I know who’s been shooting iron sights for decades and one of our clubs top ranked shooters.. Thought it might give me a fighting chance against him for at least a round or two, (what a laugh) but not a chance. As soon as he practiced a bit more with the optics he’s right on top of his game again, the b******, . I’ve seen adapter plates available for the Delta Point. Are there mounting options available already for the other optics you mention? Supply seems to be very limited at the moment.
  10. Thank you for posting this! Super helpful for other shooters running into same issue. One would think that the CZ adapter plate would be milled to fit the standard bolts included for the Vortex, not everyone is getting the Glock MOS bolts and are having trouble sourcing. Good to know Home Depot carries them. Home Depot in Canada can be slightly more anemic than the American Home Depot Thanks again for posting @MoRivera
  11. Not everyone has those different screws and are asking me for information. Sharing what I can to assist. If you find it so tiresome and doesn’t impact you, SYFUGDNWTSDSAH. Thanks.
  12. For Canadian shooters, Vortex replied to my email in regards to this and if any hardware is required not included in your kit for mounting the Venom, ie. GLOCK MOS sized bolts, I refer you to:
  13. I recently obtained my Shadow 2 Optic Ready. I had already purchased 2 Vortex Venom RDS months ago in anticipation for taking possession of the Shadow 2 OR as well as the P10F OR when it’s available in Canada. When I received the Shadow, I went about removing the rear sight plate, not a problem; installing the CZ Vortex Venom adapter plate to the Shadow, not a problem; installing the Vortex Venom to the adapter plate; big problem. The included hardware sunk into the foam, meant to secure the red dot to the adapter plate, did not fit the adapter plate. Try as I might, the bolts would not grab hold. Eventually I pulled out the calipers and started measuring and discovered that the bolts were about 1mm larger than the contact points of the adapter plate and in the right light, I noticed the wear on the ends of the bolts where they were wearing themselves on the surface of the adapter plate. As I had already been playing with the RDS, the box and contents it had contained were thoroughly rummaged in. I decided to open the brand new Venom box to see if the bolts included in there were a different size and that’s when I noticed the baggie labeled GLOCK MOS containing two additional bolts. These fit. So what I had done was stash that baggie under the foam in the original box because I don’t own Glock products (never will) so I figured the baggie with the bolts was of no use, glad I didn’t toss it though. Anyways, I’ve gotten a number of people watching my video on the Shadow 2 optic ready on Youtube, asking me about mounting the Vortex Venom as they are running into the same problem. Not all Vortex Venoms, be it 6MOA or 3MOA are shipping with that GLOCK MOS package of bolts, and you NEED those. I had contacted my retailer of the optic plate and they suggested the problem is with the Venom. The problem is not with the Venom. I think CZ didn’t tap the holes big enough to use the mounting hardware that Vortex provides with all their Vortex Venoms, that being the larger bolts stuck in the foam. If you’re running into problems, you may need to contact Vortex for the smaller bolts. I was at the point where I was going to either tap a larger opening into the adapter plate or reduce the size of the bolts in the foam, fortunately I didn’t have a tap/die set that would work for this and spent the time hunting for what was missing in the install. Good luck and hope this helps!
  14. It’s like a big red sore thumb. When is yours arriving and may I ask which RDS you’ll be running?
  15. Sorry to hear that KyleJ. I know how it feels, I wanted the optic ready version since April 2018 when I was shooting my first Qualifier and someone had the bright idea to tell me that CZ was releasing an optic version later that year. I’m probably going to put the Kadet .22 adapter for S2 on the lower of the original non-optic and I kind of question whether I’m going to be shooting iron sights anymore, for me, it’s just that good. Do you need it right away, like do you have other firearms to shoot in the interim? If you can wait, it is so worth the wait.
  16. Yes, I stuck some Loc-tite on it. I don’t have any old sights. I sure like it better without that big distraction in my field of view.
  17. Cancel! OMG....The Shadow 2 combined with an optic is so amazing. Despite it being freezing cold and sicker than a dog I was in heaven. Can’t wait to bust out the duelling tree and really giving her a good work out. Are you in Canada or the U.S.?
  18. MsDV8

    CZ Shadow 2

    As I mentioned before. In IDPA, there are numerous changes within the stage that you need to follow. More often than not I earn more penalties than I do points in IDPA because I can’t remember the sequences. In IPSC, provided I make my shots count, I can only lose percentages due to Mikes and time, points for hits scored remain the same. If another shooter shoots the stage faster than me, but has more Mikes or C and D’s and I’m a bit slower but score more A’s, then what? The other person wins because they’re a bit faster but a whole lot less accurate? IPSC is all about who can shoot the stage the fastest and the most accurately correct? I’m not at the level yet with IPSC that I can strategize a stage and reap any benefit from it, if I even remember; I see a target, I shoot the target and hopefully I’m not at slide lock after shooting a popper that activates a time sensitive swinger or other such target. I am close to holding my own against much more experienced shooters than myself in IPSC, but suck hind tit consistently in IDPA, even against Revolver shooters. Go figure. Maybe because IDPA is way harder. For me. Not for you. Not for Flying Pig. Not for Yigal. Me. Full stop.
  19. MsDV8

    CZ Shadow 2

    Dear Flyingpig, I am only speaking for myself. I DO find IDPA harder. I have a medical disability that affects me cognitively (that means my brain doesn’t work like it used to before I was diagnosed) as well as physically and have had to give up most Adrenalin fueled sports as a result. I find IDPA with it’s multiple shooting changes within a stage: ie. Shoot this target first, this target next; put this many rounds in this area of the third target, then switch to shooting with your non dominant hand and put this many rounds in this area of fourth target, then you need to pick up this item and carry it in your non-dominant hand and shoot the remaining targets of the stage with your dominant hand only (and blind folded....I’m joking about that), but hopefully I make my point. IPSC, with it’s straight forward, shoot them as you see them; allowances to walk and airgun the stage befor you shoot, and strategize how you’re going to shoot the stage to make it work for you....yes, for MY brain, THAT is easy. I did not mean any offence to IPSC shooters or IPSC. If it seems like I am joking around, it’s because I’m trying not to take myself too seriously because I am normally quite driven and it’s been a huge adjustment for me. It’s hard to find sports that I can do that don’t overtax me physically and mentally and shooting in general with their short stages, for me under a minute at worst, are perfect for challenging my brain to work like it once did while not burying me under a mountain of crushing fatigue. Thank you for your understanding.
  20. MsDV8

    shadow 2 crack?

    @slavex. The serial number on the new frame C035351/1 corresponds with the serial number of your slide (minus the addition of the /1)? Curious as to how that works when they send you a new lower, being in Canada and all.
  21. I’ve found that the copper plated .22LR’s work the best for some reason, no misfeeds at all. I found Federal Game Shock to work very well. CCI .22LR with the lead bullets seem to hang up every so often, but not as often as my former Sig 1911 .22 did.
  22. @SDD-UP I concur. I’m going to weigh in as a metalsmith working in Sterling Silver and gold. Metal crystals are usually large and move within a semi-ordered structure, but when metal becomes work hardened through processes such as rolling, drawing, milling and hammering (those reciprocating slides don’t hammer the metal do they? ), the crystals break down into smaller crystals, creating more grain boundaries and these can become what’s referred to euphamistically in the jeweler’s world, as “log jammed”. Even if a metal is properly annealed (heated to the point that the metal becomes softened again) if the metal is rapidly cooled, the crystals don’t have time to properly develop into an organized structure and tend to recrystalize into the smaller grains. End result: cracking. Now having said that, with all this kerfuffle about cracking S2 frames, I decided to check my non-optic S2 and here is what I found. I also compared it to the OR S2 and note that the OR S2’s come milled. Am I right? Do I have an S2 with a cracked frame?
  23. MsDV8

    CZ Shadow 2

    Thank you Jeff!
  24. MsDV8

    CZ Shadow 2

    Is that me in fuchsia on the left and MoRivera in red?. Well,.... I’ve lost already, clearly; he’s sticking his lance right through my left eye while I’m trying to knock that ridiculous pompon holding a smaller lance, off the top of his head. But, I’m clearly at a disadvantage here, just look at the withers and neck on his ride and @MoRivera has got much bigger biceps. But check out the size of my calves! If he gets off his horse and I haven’t died of a traumatic brain injury, I am going to kick him into next week, him with his skinny little chicken legs.
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