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  1. I like the very idea of Bitcoin, and been using it for a few years already. I don't get to use it as much as to PayPal because most people don't know what it is. No local shops that I know of accept it. Though I think it's very important to keep yourself educated on crypto market, and the resources like https://revain.org/projects/bitcoin really help
  2. Aruba is really amazing, very safe to go off resort and drive around to the dessert side to Baby Beach, lighthouse and were the natural bridge once stood. It is a wonderful experience. Unlike Punta Cana there isn’t the poverty in Aruba but, it it is very pricey to go there compared to Punta Cana. I suggest that you ask this question on Dominican Republic travel forums https://travelsites.com/travel-forums/
  3. I recently started using Instagram as a side moneymaker. I couldn't have ever imagined that Instagram is so a powerful tool. To increase views, I use https://soc-promotion.com/Instagram/Views .
  4. I love travelling. It’s great to see the world, but most travelers I talk to are really drawn to the sense of freedom and adventure — the endless possibilities. I love also the planning process, usually use this resource https://travelsites.com/ to arrange everything.
  5. 94% is a smart quiz I am sure you are going to like. I personally like all kinds of puzzles and challenges, especially those "logic" and "trick" ones. When questions are too tricky, I use some hints like https://clubd.net/1054-something-a-germaphobe-wouldnt-like-to-do-94.html . Very educational:)
  6. I have been suffering from anxiety from teen age. I have been taking Xanax for over 20 years and don’t know what I would do without it. It’s a “wonderful” drug if you use it as prescribed by your doctor. I take it as needed, but sometimes I don’t need to take it and can do just fine without taking it for weeks. Right now I haven’t had to take it for about a month, but will not hesitate to take it if needed. More info on it by link
  7. Do it! Cut tthe cable! I personally also have several firesticks that have been modified with the KODI app. So now I'm able to watch everything I like without any restrictions, including TV shows, Sports, lattest movies. To make the entire process more pleasurable and convenient, I use several FireStick apps (my favourite one is Genesis Reborn https://www.firesticktricks.com/genesis-reborn-kodi.html ). These apps are properly categorized to give you a better idea of the precise purpose they’ll serve. Keep in mind that you should always check user reviews prior to investing money in Amazon Fire Stick apps. Hope this info helps you
  8. I suggest that you ask for the recommendations on travel forums. This source helps me every time I'm going to have a rest abroad or inside my country. There is much useful information there, including cheap flights, hotel/hostel booking, insurance, travel forums and blogs, camping, trip planner sites, etc. I think, every traveller should keep this website in mind. Hope it helps!
  9. You know agter a year of taking gymnastics classes, my 6 y.o. DD requested to quit gymnastics too. But I persisted that she didn't. It was something like a crisis. I decided to encourage her - bought her more beautiful leotards from https://rg-leotard.com . A year passed from that time, now she adores gymnastics - no thought to quit anymore.
  10. I am looking for video tutorials, Blockchain and Bitcoin Books to get more knowledge about blockchain, bitcoin, Etherium, ICO, their working etc.. If you know any, please share the links.
  11. Australia is awesome! I've been to Australia two times on my own. It's very easy to arrange everything with the internet with the help of Travel Sites. My advice for those who are planning their trip would be to limit youself with only 4 weeks to explore a couple of areas. Public transport is great and easy. Read Trip Advisor forums , they have loads of informaiton will come up to keep you busy and give ideas.
  12. Last time we stayed at Graduate Tempe hotel. Check it out, it has great reviews on booking.com . The only issue is that except for a very nice breakfast from Normal restaurant, next door, there are no decent restaurants for lunch or dinner within walking distance, so if you do not have a vehicle, then your food choices are very limited. Hope this helps somebody:)
  13. I have been using Paypal since it started. From my own experience I know there are many problems with Paypal, I am far from seeing it as ideal platform. I started using Bitcoin too but you know the transaction cost in Bitcoin so much more expensive across the board, so I cannot switch to Bitcoin completely. More info on: https://cryptolinks.com/
  14. Before investing in cryptocurrency, you should do a lot of reading online. Just Google "how to start with cryptocurrency", "What is cryptocurrency" etc and read several different articles from different resources and get different points of view. Maybe check out this Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Beginner Guide . Hope that helps
  15. Amazon Fire TV (box) is faster than the Amazon Fire Stick. Roku 3 (box) is faster than the Roku 3 Stick. Having had both, I prefer the Amazon Fire TV/Stick. You get access to all the Amazon Prime content. I feel the Amazon Fire TV UI is overall a better experience, but they both are very good. Just installed Popcorn Time due to https://www.firesticktricks.com/popcorn-time-firestick.html . It is an entertainment service that lets you watch movies and shows for free.
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