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  1. Trigger freeze always gets me too.
  2. This is why I always remove all live ammo from my dry fire space.
  3. For someone with limited time to train, what would be the three key things to focus on.
  4. Always around 200 or so rounds for me.
  5. That's the route I would go if I were to do it again. I personally think RHT is way overhyped.
  6. Nayr

    Shadow 2 Grips

    I’ve tried VZ thin diamondbacks, Scales 2.0, Lok Thin Bogies, CZ Thin Lemon Graters, Rubber SP-01 grips, and Lok S2-specific Bogies. I settled on a pair of S2-specific Palm Swell Grips in Jayson’s Roughneck texture. Great grips and very aggressive. If someone made grips with the profile of the Scales and the texture of the Roughnecks or Diamondbacks, they would be perfect.
  7. Derp. Should have figured out the initials. What's up Evan.
  8. Both myself and @762rocstarr are local to you. Rocstarr is a lefty who shoots single stack. There are a number of custom smiths in the area that could build you a fantastic competition gun. I'd check out his builds before deciding on anything. We'll both be at the Ike's USPSA match tomorrow if you wanna stop by.
  9. I've thought about selling my 2 Shadow 2s and consolidating my guns to just Glocks. I already have a G34 (along with a 26, 19, 43, 20...) And then I hold both the Shadow 2 and 34 back to back, and realize how much I'm fighting the G34 vs. the Shadow in terms of comfort, how much more focus I have to have on the trigger pull with the Glock, and all thoughts of consolidation go away. I like Glocks quite a bit for defensive use. I think they take quite a bit of $$ and tinkering to get them to run head-to-head against a bone stock Shadow 2. There's a reason the Glock sponso
  10. Nayr

    Shadow 2 Grip Screws

    That does. Thankee sir.
  11. Nayr

    Shadow 2 Grip Screws

    I usually screw in until I feel a bit of resistance, but may have overtorqued the screws by mistake last time. Wasn't a backing out issue - I've been using o-rings and have had no problems. Just want to go to nylon so I don't mess up the threads taking the grips on and off in the future.
  12. Nayr

    Shadow 2 Grip Screws

    Does anyone know if the Shadow 2 differs from the normal grip screw dimensions for CZs? Looking to order some nylon screws after a close call with stripping the frame threads. I've seen M3.5 x .6 x 6mm thrown around as the standard CZ grip screw size. Does that hold true for the S2? Thanks.
  13. https://cesar-shop.com/product/safety-shadow-2-wide-left-handed
  14. I run Mec-Gar mags almost exclusively. Only issue I've had with them was with the Shock Bottle base pads. With stock base pads, they've run perfectly. I've shot 10 matches in a variety of conditions and have yet to clean them. Still running fine.
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