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  1. Trigger freeze always gets me too.
  2. This is why I always remove all live ammo from my dry fire space.
  3. For someone with limited time to train, what would be the three key things to focus on.
  4. Always around 200 or so rounds for me.
  5. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    After a bit of a wait, I received my Lok Shadow 2 Palm Swell Grips in the Roughneck pattern today. After comparing side-by-side, this is by far the closest in texture to the PT Evo grips that I've come across. Very happy with these grips, although I think the Bogies are also excellent.
  6. @rowdyb What are your thoughts on the stock recoil spring vs. the 11# when shooting primarily 115 grain factory ammo?
  7. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    Thanks for your input. I'm sure someone will be running them at one of the major matches near me - I'll give them a shot then. After some more dry fire with the Lok Bogies palm swell, I think I'm sticking with Lok. My double-action reach is just slightly lengthened with the palm swell, but my sight stability is much improved over their thin grips. The palm swells give me a lot more "meat" to hold on to on the gun. I asked Jayson to send me an invoice for a set of the Shadow 2 Roughnecks. I want to compare them side-by-side.
  8. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    Some filing wouldn’t be be end of the world. What do you like about the Scales? Do you think they increase the reach to the trigger from something like a CZC thin grip or the Palm Swell Bogies? Im not sure what Lok does differently on the palm swell Bogies but the texture is noticeably less aggressive than the custom slim Bogies he cut for me. Right now I’m leaning towards just having him do the Roughneck texture on the Palm Swell grips and calling it a day.
  9. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    http://www.cesar-shop.com/product/grips-cz-shadow-2-and-sp-01-long-checker-thick-and-thin Hmmm. Have my prayers been answered?
  10. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    I sent him an email to see if he'd do a swap out for a custom pair of S2-palm swells.
  11. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    I just don't want to deal with the fitting on the Scales. They are too expensive to do that crap.
  12. Nayr

    PT Evo-Like Grips

    Well, my Lok Shadow 2-specific palm swell Bogies arrived today. I think we have a winner! Jayson did a great job with the design on these ones. They definitely help to fill my palm without affecting trigger reach as the top portion of the grips are incredibly thin. With some Pro Grip, I don't think I'll have any real grip issues. My only complaint would be that I wish the Bogies were slightly more aggressive (the custom pair I had Jayson do seemed a bit more aggressively cut) and that the palm swell was slightly larger. I ordered the black/gray variant, and I think I'll probably go with black/blue or zombie for the back-up gat.
  13. Nayr

    Henning Grips

    Thanks for the input. Appreciate it.
  14. Nayr

    Henning Grips

    What did you find was more aggressive, the lemons or the Hennings?
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