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  1. What makes you think they are unhelpful? besides the fact you refuse to listen
  2. I had the same issue with the RHT belt, the way the ratchet is spaced off the end of the belt stops it from ratcheting. It looks the same as the Atlas and DBgear ones. I just took mine into a local shoe/leather repair shop and had the belt shortened between the ratchet and the end of the belt. Cost about $15. It would be nice if this was better designed from the start but otherwise I like it.
  3. Does the mark 7 have a vacuum attachment to remove the chips the same as the dillon?
  4. Shipped! I don't want to go into all of it but after more messages over the past week it finally shipped today! From everything I have seen most people have had good service with this company. All I can say is if you have an issue and need to contact them Instagram seems to be the way to go. Thanks Chappy for that suggestion.
  5. So I got a reply yesterday from my message on Instagram that they would forward my information along and get back to me. Still no update on my order but at least I have a response.
  6. Well I am glad to hear that others have had success with this company. Gives me hope that this isn't a scam and I will someday receive product. Unfortunately I still have not heard anything from them and my order still shows as "confirmed" on their site with payment processed. I have tried calling a few times over the past week with no answer. Emailed them a week ago with no response. Direct messaged them on Facebook 4 days ago no response. Sent them a direct message on Instagram two days ago no response. I placed my order two weeks before Shot with the hopes of getting it shipped
  7. Well maybe mine is on the way then too and they just never updated the order status. I took your suggestion and DMd them on IG earlier today. Hopefully get a response in the next day or two.
  8. A question for those that have ordered Brass Juice from the Reloading Station. How long did it take before they shipped? I placed an order 12 days ago with no further update other than order confirmed. I have tried emailing them and calling them with no response. We are coming up on Shot Show now so I am guessing I am now going to have to wait until after shot before they ship my order.
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