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  1. I really want each and every trigger pull I make to be a deliberate, conscious decision, even in gun games. Got to go work on my trigger control issues. Dryfire tonight.
  2. This should get you started - https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/258329-sport-pistol-powder/?tab=comments#comment-2782534 & https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/252179-alliant-sport-pistol-load-data/?tab=comments#comment-2806314 .
  3. "I personally hate ambi-safeties too and would pay extra to NOT have one," same here. Not really serious about competing but, thanks for the magwell opinion. The PM9 is looking better and better.
  4. Yes on CZCustom. Did not catch the ambi safety, thanks.
  5. Really wanting to try a Dan Wesson and was all set to get a PM9 when I see that the SSC 9mm's are in stock. Can't find very much information on the SSC's so, I thought I would ask here. Other than a mag well and different grips, what does the SSC have over the PM9?
  6. Been dropping by this forum for the last year and thought it was time to join. Started IDPA last year and have enjoyed it. Not a top shooter just a humble little SharpShooter. This is the year to give USPSA a go so, I shot my first match Sunday. Had two goals, safety and get my hits. Didn't get DQ and shot pretty well. Looking at match results of A hits, I was fourth. Lost out to a carry optic shooter, a carbine guy and some master class shooter named Rowdy. Over all I was 28th out of 33...... Guess it's time I start learning the balancing act of time vs. accuracy. Look forward to more great information.
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