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  1. Thanks, I’ll try getting a new spring from CZ Custom. I have easily 4-5x that amount if you include dry firing drills, so who knows.
  2. So my CZechmate has 9-10k rounds through it with above average maintenance and recently the trigger has random moments where it has an infinite amount of creep on my second pull in a fast double tap. I tried adjusting the pre-travel and over travel screws out some to the point where its unreasonable, while the trigger will still engage like this, the creep is still there at times and its too long of a pull IMO. Both sear cage springs are present and the only mods internally are the Shadow2 safety, 9lb recoil spring and some barrel/ramp throating. I broke down the entire gun and cleaned everything, the sear/hammer/trigger surfaces all looked straight with no abnormal wear. Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Thanks in advance
  3. Any updates on this comp? And where are you buying SP2 in the states from? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the input guys! I placed a large order with PD for some 115gr JHP based on your recommendations. I’ve tried Barry’s (which have garbage plating IMO), Extreme (cabelas always has these on sale for cheap and my go to for minor), Blue bullets (had some inconsistencies) and Frontier (LGS stocks them for an okay price), hopefully these PD work out well ??
  5. Looking for an affordable and readily available 115gr 9mm projectile to use with a few major loads I'm making up for my CZechmate. Now I know most copper plated bullets shouldn't be used for a 9mm thats traveling 1400-1500fps, but not all copper plating processes are equal I'm told. Ive tried a couple small batches of 115gr round nose Frontier CMJ (complete metal jacket) for testing with 8.4-8.6gr of HS6 w/ 1.160 OAL and they don't seem to be leading the barrel too bad after 150 rounds. Is it okay to continue using these for larger batches? What are you guys using? New to 9mm major, so thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Rjracing

    P320 X5 Thread

    Take the back plate off the slide and remove/release the striker assembly.
  7. Rjracing

    Improving X5 trigger

    Polish the FCU frame at all the contact points, as well as the trigger bar and trigger arm. If thats not enough, go pickup the PELT2 trigger kit. I was at my shop the other day and we were playing with all the P320's in stock and I was amazing at how bad and how good some of the factory triggers felt, completely different from one gun to another for some reason... even though that they all use the same components internally. The worse literally pulled at a long and gritty 9lbs, the best at a short and smooth 4.8lbs, all had the "factory trigger upgrade" done too and none were X-series guns (which use the same FCU too, just a flat trigger)
  8. You can't run an optic in limited and if I were to remove it I would be at even more of a disadvantage running 9mm (minor) in that division too.
  9. I don’t know why Bruce Gray would have had to go back to the drawing board and make a new sear and pin if they were exactly the same as his last PELTS/CELTS kit, then name it PELT2
  10. The latest GGI is post trigger upgrade only, I don’t know if the Apex trigger bar is the same.
  11. Yeah, I shoot 3gun, USPSA and IDPA. For IDPA and USPSA the magwell comes off, for IDPA I also have to put my SS guide rod, 17rd mags and factory trigger back in too. Part of what I love so much about this gun is how versatile it is, within a minute or two I can have it changed around to compete in so many different classes throughout all the practices.
  12. Sig P320 X-Five -Vortex Viper red-dot optic -GrayGuns PELT2 Trigger Kit with full FCU polish pulling at 2.7lbs -Springer tungsten guide-rod with 13lb recoil spring -Springer 140mm 17rd extended basepads x4 -Springer extended mag release -Springer grip tape -Raised under trigger undercut
  13. Rjracing

    P320 X5 Thread

    Decided to add a red dot and start shooting carry optics. The Vortex Viper was hard to beat at $175 new and after a just trimming the rear of it a little on a bench grinder, it bolted right onto the X5 with the hardware included with the optic. I really like it so far too, money well spent!
  14. Yup, works perked with the medium size adapter plate included
  15. Rjracing

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thanks, I did this on day one too ?. X5 and regular P320’s use the exact same FCU minus the flat trigger itself... so that wouldn’t be any different between the two
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