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  1. I used to shoot limited, pcc, and production, until I tried carry optics. Plan on just shooting c/o until I can afford an open gun in a year or so. The only advantage I see in shooting 2 divisions in local match is you get a better feel of the course for your second run.
  2. Geissle makes a really nice service rifle trigger group, nickel boron coated, smooth break, for around $70, jp springs are also a good option.
  3. I am curious as to why this is an issue? I understand digging up old threads and commenting on it makes little sense, but can't understand why a limit on daily post's? Serious question from a newb...
  4. Just as easy to pick up bad habits in dry fire training. Take your time and make everything perfect during dry fire practice.
  5. Dry fire practice evening before match, or a trip to range works for me the day before.
  6. My G5 34 has no serrations, I placed some skateboard tape up front, it's what I'm used to, ran it that way on my G4. I never have noticed any problems with the grip cutout, would love it to not be there, but doesn't bother me too bad.
  7. I prefer federal, but Winchester is my second choice, and have worked perfectly for me.
  8. I prefer my G34 for 3 gun matches, could shoot it in limited class too, but hate shooting minor. STI for me in limited, I do shoot a glock for carry optics though.
  9. I doubt I will add too much to it, I am pretty sure it will be fine as well, thanks for your input. Hoping mine will turn out as nice as yours!
  10. Does anyone have a spec on grip width? I am thinking of adding material to grip to fill the palm swell on strong side only. I am running a G5 glock in carry optics. After reading the rules, it states that finger grooves can be added or removed, but does not have an actual measurement on thickness. Also says no thumb rest can be added. Ay help on this is appreciated, want to add aluminum carbide grip surface, which would be hard to remove if I don't get this right!
  11. Thanks for all the responses! The chrono stage in my recent match was late in the match for me, and I thought the same thing, we should have done this before match started. All a learning process. Thanks for the info on weight, big relief I will make weight.
  12. Hey ya'll, I am shooting in a match in June, and running production division. Last year I was put into limited class because my mag pouch was too far forward of my hip bone, so trying to not break any rules this year. After weighing my production gen 4, non MOS glock 34 with a mag inserted I have found that it is .60 ounces over 26 ounces, the legal weight listed. I am running a tungsten guide rod and magpul mags because they are much lighter than the factory. My question is will this put me into limited, should I ditch the tungsten rod and reinsert the factory rod? If I do that I won't be able to run my handloads. Any suggestions on this would help. Is there any other way to trim a half ounce of this production gun? I do also have a full grip tape wrap on the grip to division standard as well. Thanks
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