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  1. 1. Shoot at least 3 matches (My first match ever is tomorrow) 2. Keep safety a priority over performance. 3. Don't get DQ'd in a match. 4. Repeat goal number 2.
  2. Thanks for the info, they are relatively close.
  3. I am from outside of Reading, which is roughly an hour from Allentown. What club do you go to?
  4. I have just started to get interested in the shooting sports after casually shooting at a local range a few times a year. I just did an informal shoot at a local range and I can tell that I definitely want to do more. I would like to do a USPSA shoot this year but not entirely sure where to start. I was made aware of practiscore but any additional information is appreciated. I am looking forward to learning in the forum and gaining knowledge.
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