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  1. It's more common (I think) to purchase a complete slide. That is what I am doing with my Bull Shadow. It is an additional cost but then the fit is correct.
  2. Mec-Gar mags and Armanov basses. https://usa-shop.armanov.com/collections/cz
  3. Another option is Brekke Custom. He did my SP-01 and I am very happy with the results. I sent him the optic and slide for a custom fit. https://brekkecustom.com/index.php/product-category/pistol/optics-installation-services/
  4. After several 100 mi. round trips to an outdoor range with my CED only to have too much sun, wind, etc. I bought a LabRadar and now 5 mi. round trip to an indoor range and it works every time.
  5. If you are new to reloading the OAL variation should come down. It's a function of consistence stroke on the press AND bullet consistence and proper stem in the seating die. Are you using a different seating and crimp die? coated lead, plated or jacketed? All can affect deviation. It takes a little time for everything to "jell".
  6. In my CZ BS I use an 8.5# hammer spring with ext. FP and lightened rebound spring (CZC). It will fire Blazer 124 gr. FMJ factory loads and gives me a sub 5# DA. You should get similar results with an S2. If 8.5# is too low use the Cajun 11# hammer spring. I have a SP-01 set up the same 8.5# hammer spring but using the Cajun ext. FP and light spring, also no problem with Blazer factory ammo. I would assume Blazer is using CCI primers.
  7. ^^^^ Do this multiply times as it sounds like he's not doing it every time. I use a revolver and load only some chambers, then spin the cylinder and close it with out looking. Really shows up with a 6" revolver.
  8. DA at 4.5# the SA 2.7#, the lighter spring didn't affect the SA but big difference in DA. DA is an average of 10 pulls using a Lyman digital scale
  9. I like the Armanov grips and I use an 8.5# hammer spring with extended FP and light rebound spring. I hand load with Federal primers BUT it will still fire factory Blazer (CCI) ammo.
  10. If the brass doesn't fit the case gauge after seizing but before flaring check the adjustment on your seizing die, it may be to high.
  11. CZ Custom is in the middle of moving so no phones right now. I ordered a 2nd slide for my BS and was told it most likely will need fitting as the slides are oversized when made. From that I would assume they are all hand fit. From the CZC web site: " PHONES ARE NOT WORKING BECAUSE WE'RE MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION, PHONES ARE NOT WORKING PLEASE USE EMAIL OR CONTACT FORM THANK YOU"
  12. I shoot the 75 BS in prod and I like it a lot. The weight out front of the bull barrel works for me.
  13. Any common 9 MM powder is better than Titegroup.
  14. They work fine in my 9 MM CZ's (135 and 147) but my Springfield 1911 in 9 MM will SOMETIMES not want to strip the first round. I probably could have loaded longer but I didn't want to have some bullets just for the Springfield. Bullets used: Precision, SNS, J-ames, Bear Creek and others.
  15. I take mine off BUT the hand warmers are what I really appreciate. Interesting review of different jackets.
  16. I also use mine at a 25 yd indoor range with 8' ceilings. The only time I had a problem was when using the last stall next to the side wall. It "missed" some but not all of the shots.
  17. Didn't mean to imply dumbness, I once grabbed my 38 spl die instead of my 357 die, now that is a completely belled case, stuff happens.
  18. The positive return on the powder measure is interesting, just wonder if it affects changing to a different powder or charge weight
  19. I purchased a hand deprimer from Midway, when it arrived it looked to be a return that they then sent to me, missing and broken small bits. I called FA and they sent all the small parts within a week, so maybe I just got lucky with the right person but it went very well.
  20. Since you have used the die before maybe try brass from a different source or could it be possible you grabbed the wrong die? Try running the brass through your sizing die and then see if it still happens and I'm clutching at straws here.
  21. Have you tried different brand of brass? Is this the first time you have used this die?
  22. I think I still have my old Wrist Rocket. We’ll see who remembers those. I DO! Try Bear Creek they ship to CA. https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/
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