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  1. One pull two shots. I'm going to get a new sear spring and check the hammer hooks and sear edge at that time. Thanks and I will report back after the parts arrive.
  2. Recent level 2 sectional by LdF participation. CO is where it's at...LOL Division Carry Optics 40 Open 36 Pcc 36 Limited 24 Single Stack 10 Production 9 Revolver 6 Limited 10 1
  3. Recently at a local steel match I had an unintentional double tap. Shot the rest of the match with no more problems BUT It is a concern. The pistol is a Bull Shadow with a Cajun hammer and a Cajun adjustable sear and a 8.5# main spring and about 8K rounds fired ( a wild azz guess). Could a heavier main spring help or replace the sear and/or hammer. Not sure where to start. Thanks in advance.
  4. That makes sense, cannot see anyone not wanting a case feeder for it.
  5. Lots of things are delayed coming from China. Also price has increased from the original $700 to $1100.
  6. Ditto ^^^ Delivery to So Cal was 2 days with USPS.
  7. And please come back and tell us how it went, the good and the bad. We've all been there.
  8. personally I wouldn't put one away for a hole season, I would shoot a couple of matches with one and then try the other. Plus I agree with Rowdy that the Berreta is MUCH closer to the CZ S2.
  9. I have a CED 7000 and the AMG Commander, the AMG is the hands down winner for me. Being able to dry fire at home and use at an indoor range without picking up other shooters is impressive.
  10. My AMG commander was worth the wait for me. I have had mine about a year and think it was worth the wait. With the sensitivity on two I can use it at an indoor range and it rarely picks up another shooter but at home with the sensitivity turned up it picks up dry fire, mag changes, etc. At home I have the beep set low and at the range or at a match it is set to loud, us older shooters appreciate the loud starting beep. Wear that hearing protection!
  11. With lead coated or plated bullets not jacketed.
  12. One issue with the 125 HAP's is that the dia. is .356 instead of the usual .355 for jacketed bullets. This increased dia. COULD cause an increase in pressure in a barrel that slugs out at .354-.355. When I asked Hornady about this they said it was because the 124 was intended for 38 super. They said the 115 HAP was intended for 9 MM. However they do market the 124's for 9 MM. Their XTP and FMJ-RN are .355, the only .356 bullets they offer (that I know of) is the 124 HAP.
  13. I was having the same problem with the LEE FCD sizing die and coated bullets. I got a regular LEE taper crimp die and that solved the problem. YMMV
  14. I like your thinking BUT prefer the S2O and an A-01
  15. Do you have a short reset disco? If not that could help.
  16. in that price range I would consider one of the Shadow 2 variants or a Bull Shadow. NOTE: these do not have firing pin blocks so if that is a requirement for you than 75B SP-01 style would be what might consider.
  17. The Eemann trigger is designed to work with a wide variety of discos, hence the included screws of different lengths.
  18. Another vote for green, I use a Holosun with the 32 MOA circle.
  19. SA feels great. I like the VERY small curve. I wish the trigger was a couple of millimeters forward of it's current position BUT that is a function of the disco. if you prefer the trigger further back they make a rear offset trigger.
  20. GET 10% OFF your entire order, until July 7th, 2021. SHOP NOW Using Promo Code: independence If it helps plus shipping is free.
  21. IF I remember correctly theSP-01 has a CZC 10480 short disconnector and the Bull Shadow has the Cajun short disconnector that comes in the Pro Package. Eemann says it works with most disconnectors.
  22. YES, and to lift the sear spring out of its groove. I get mine for free, just ask the next time you get your teeth cleaned if the hygienist will save the worn out ones for you. I got so many I had to ask her to stop...LOL
  23. Eemann V CZC Personally I like the Eemann better BUT it is very close. FYI both are DA/SA. And Dot 40 is having a 4th of July 10% off sale.
  24. When I first started with 9 mm I used the Hornady taper crimp/seater which worked well with jacketed bullets. When I started loading coated lead I started using it to seat only and got a separate crimp die. The instructions that came with the die gives the set up with and without a crimp.
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