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  1. The safariland holsters for the regular 320 may work for the x5. I've got a 6390rds and it works fine for my x5 frame, SC slide, & PMM Ultra comp setup with x300 light. It seems to a bit tighter of a fit than my other pistols in safariland holsters but isn't an issue unless I'm slowly drawing the pistol out.
  2. I've seen it mentioned that Walther will be releasing one but no word on when it will be available unfortunately.
  3. I've got their dual port comp setup in a x5 legion frame but haven't shot it much unfortunately. I've only run 147 Speer lawmen through it so far and haven't had any issues with the factory subcompact RSA. It shoots pretty flat and I've been happy with it so far.
  4. The factory trigger on my Q5 SF is OK and was really hoping Apex would be releasing a SF compatible trigger. My brother's M2 w/ the Apex trigger is a huge improvement over mine.
  5. 13lbs seems like what everyone is running successfully. I'll give the 12lbs a shot this week if I get a chance though. I've run lighter recoil springs in my Glock 17 & CZs and have never had much of an issue either.
  6. FYI for anyone interested in buying this spring, they are on back order from Wolff. I bought a 12, 13, & 14lb spring but only got the 12lb today with a notice that the 13 & 14 are back ordered for 4-8 weeks.
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