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  1. Jw thank you for all that info. I will be in touch when I get out there in two weeks. I’m in sandpoint at least once a week. My press died so I only have about 3000 rounds until I pick up a new 650 but that might be any day now knowing my habbits lol.
  2. Thanks I’ll check them out. I dont mind driving a few hours for a match once a month, I drive an hour to my range to practice so a little more is whatever.
  3. Yep the finger is perfect and now nicely greased. The spring is in good shape and positioned correctly.
  4. I have pulled the press apart and cleaned/lubed everything. The indexing pawl is jumping when the index bolt rounds the lower part of the cam into the 'valley' this is happening without the shell plate on so it is not the indexing arm catching on shell plate. the problem seems to go away when I put more pressure on the handle on the downstroke. Will post video once it loads to youtube
  5. They are two very different locations I know. But I split my time between Islamorada and Thompson falls Montana. I shoot at homestead training center often but they are not having the monthly uspsa matches anymore. I’m looking to find one in the area that is beginner friendly. I’ve shot a few but it’s been a while. Also in montana? I drive to Missoula often. And I’m only an hour from sandpoint idaho/3 hours to Spokane. Anything in that corridor?
  6. LukeWL

    Blue bullets in 38sc

    When trying a new load for coated. How much powder should I go down to and work up from. Do they take significantly less to readybtye same velocity or just a little.
  7. LukeWL

    Blue bullets in 38sc

    IDescribe. I was looking for jhp on the site that’s why I couldn’t find. Thanks. From what ive read coated and plated are about the same in terms of leading and not stabilizing at major power is that true?
  8. LukeWL

    Blue bullets in 38sc

    Are the precision deltas .355? I can’t find the .356. I guess the best thing is to just try them as it’s a 50/50 love hate from most people. Rishii have ave you don’t anything special about cleaning your comp? Do you have popples?
  9. LukeWL

    Blue bullets in 38sc

    I’m relatively new to open guns/comped guns. I have a load I like and shoots well (125 jhp Everglades, starline brass, 10.1gr 3n38, Cci srp) but wanted to make it a bit cheaper since I’m shooting 5-600 rounds a week lately. I’m looking at the 125 gr rn from blue bullets. I know it will require a little less powder and I’ll have to seat a little deeper to get the same oal. But I’ve read mixed reports on shooting a coated bullet in a comp’ed gun and not sure how the 3n38 will do with it? I have a bunch and don’t want to switch yet.
  10. LukeWL

    9mm Minor

    Why would you want a slower burning for major but faster for minor? I’m just starting reloading and shooting a g17 for now but plan to buy an open gun after I shoot for a while.