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  1. That looks like what I've used, but got directly from here: https://www.plastixrevolution.net/
  2. Yeah, I'm running some Merrell Moab 2 WP Low hiking shoes myself.
  3. I went the non-easy route and got an 80% lower from Iconic Industries, the 9mm Instigator Ultralite.
  4. Mag on the left has 5 rounds, on the right, fully loaded at 33. The rounds on the right look just a tad lower.
  5. I already have Tim's bolt and buffer... I suppose completing things with his barrel could be considered fate. ;-) Thank you! This is the first time I've heard that explanation for my experience. I guess I need to get this fixed before I start running with a mag extension then!
  6. When do you expect your (expert) ramped tension barrel back in stock? :-)
  7. It is new. With my factory ammo comparisons, optic sighting and today's match, I'm probably around 500-600 rounds total. I'm also using the Taccom buffer with whatever springs come with it. It also happened with RN bullets. :-/ Is that the feed ramp that requires cutting space into the receiver to fit? I can see that working... I just don't like the idea of irreversible mods to things. I'd almost rather get the ramped tension barrel. :-/
  8. So I'm having a little round chambering issue. My anecdotal experience is that this only happens with a newly inserted 33rd factory Glock mag that is fully loaded (or close to it). If I only put 15-20 rounds in the mag, I do not recall this happening. It has happened with at least 2 different mags and whether I'm using the Federal Syntech or a round-nose round. I'm planning to do a little polishing of the barrel, but any other ideas? Barrel: KVP Upper: QC10 Side Charging Bolt: Taccom Thanks!
  9. I use these with the foam Skull Screwz tips. https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-PELTOR-Tactical-Earplug-TEP-100-1-Kit-EA-Case/?N=5002385+3292682142&rt=rud
  10. This ammo from Freedom Munitions seemed to shoot/feel better for me than WWB. https://www.freedommunitions.com/ammunition/pistol/9mm/9mm-luger-135-gr-rnfp-new.html Just picked up some of the new Federal Premium Syntech Action Pistol (AE9SJAP1) to see how it does as well.
  11. Is FM still doing stepped brass? I found this older thread. I'll have to check what I have from them, but I don't think its stepped anymore.
  12. I'm pretty sure the Gibbz website did say that at one point, but after I asked a question on that point it was no longer to be found! What Gibbz said was this applies to their G4 uppers, but not their G9. Also QC10 has one based off Gibbz.
  13. Thanks for that info on the BHO. I'll probably test with things as-is and then see if everything still feels and works as good without the delrin pad. If not, I'll just add it back in!
  14. And it's basically done. It's technically able to be shot now after I clean and lube. That's next on the list, once I find the time around all the holiday activities. Things to do, but won't keep it from being fired... Switch out the selector switch with the red Strike Industries Take off the grip to tighten that screw that helps reduce rattle Side note... Got lucky with that screw. It needs to be removed before milling. Luckily figured that out before milling that low! There are a few things that I found after everything was put together that... could be better. This may just be a general AR thing, as it seems to be the same with my Dad's normal AR, but I don't like that the safety cannot be engaged without the bolt cocked It is extremely difficult to manually lock the bolt back. I'm hoping this is on account everything being brand new and not oiled or worn in from shooting any The QC10 side-charging upper... I like the look. I like the concept. I generally like the product, but the difficulty of manually locking the bolt also showed that the charging handle design may be better if it was more like the Gibbz or NFA uppers, where there appears to be more meat to the handle (even if I think those don't look as good!) Other tidbits... The Magpul Armorers wrench apparently does not work for the KVP barrel nut (had to borrow a 1 1/4" crowfoot) The Magpul Armorers wrench does fit the Strike Industries castle nut... But because of the extended end plate, you cannot turn it One last general comment... Coming from a computer system engineer that deals with requirements and customers and such... For the majority of products I bought, and it may be specific to after-market AR parts manufacturers, the impression I have is that there is a problem with providing instructions, of any kind. Yes, the majority of things can be found via googling, but I don't view that as acceptable. Definitely not friendly to people starting out and still learning. Instructions don't even have to be included with the product, a simple go to our website for instructions and tips and guidelines (e.g. torque recommendations) would be quite adequate.
  15. Except for one, thankfully recoverable, mistake of my own, I think it came out very well. Even though it will rarely be seen, we did clean-up the tooling marks some too as part of de-burring the drilled holes. Adding something like that to the bit package for a final pass would've been a nice, cherry-on-top, addition.
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