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  1. I shoot with someone that has a RPC. He’s got some Taccom goodies but a stock trigger. I’m shooting an MPX stock except a Timney trigger. Him and I are right together for time and accuracy.
  2. Got back into USPSA this year and after shooting Production decided to commit to PCC. Have shot a half dozen local matches and I’ve been the only PCC shooter in my squad every time. Most at the local was 7 PCC shooters. Was really hoping to have another shooter to bounce ideas/questions. What kind of PCC turn out have others been seeing at their local or even Level II matches?
  3. Got my Timney 681-ST. That’s the single stage with straight trigger. Only dry fired at home so far but not sure I’m in love with it. My Geissele SD3G in my AR feels lighter and crisper. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge improvement over stock! But if Mr Geissele ever releases an MPX trigger I’d look there first.
  4. The Ruger PC is interesting in that it is inexpensive compared to the others. I’ll admit, I bought an MPX but also cross shopped the RPC. The RPC trigger has parts that are interchangeable with the 10/22 so getting a decent trigger was easy. Ive also seen video of Taran Butler shooting the RPC and it looks very mild recoiling... but of course, it’s Taran.
  5. Found one... what about a Larue MBT? It’s doesn’t appear to be a drop in cassette style trigger. More like a better replacement.
  6. What kind of round counts are you guys seeing in an MPX before something needs replacement?
  7. Does the stock MPX trigger last more than the others than? Or is the stock trigger also a consumable?
  8. I couldn’t wait for a revised version to come out and just ordered a Gen2!
  9. Just ordered a MPX carbine to run at local PCC matches. Should be arriving mid next week! Definitely want to upgrade the trigger with one that won’t destroy itself. Any recommendations? FYI... I have a Geiselle SD3G in my AR and love it. Thanks!
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