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  1. For me it's a combination of distance and time. I only have one match that is less than two hours away and they only run maybe two or three matches a year. That on top of how late they run. It's a tough one to be on the road by 5am and not be home until 7pm. When I do go I have to dedicate that entire day just to the match. Wife has been understanding but now we have a baby on the way so I will be going less now so I can spend the time with my family.
  2. There are two ranges in Staten Island that do USPSA but as previously mentioned no storage. Both ranges are five minutes off the Outerbridge Crossing: Colonial Rifle and Pistol Club https://practiscore.com/clubs/colonial-rifle-and-pistol-club Richmond Boro Gun Club https://practiscore.com/clubs/richmond-boro-gun-club
  3. I used to do the flip and catch but now I just let the round fall to my feet. Had a guy in my squad at an recent area match do the flip and catch but the round went forward and he ended up sweeping the muzzle with his hand trying to catch it
  4. snipaz2420

    Light strikes

    I've had my slide cerakoted twice and both times the channel liner was in. Maybe they baked it for too long?
  5. Awesome thanks! I had been thinking of using tungsten powder but this looks like a nice way of doing it also.
  6. where did you purchase the putty and shot if you don't mind me asking?
  7. I signed up yesterday. Haven't gone through many of the videos yet but there is a wealth of knowledge available and they are still adding more pros/instructors.
  8. I do not believe you can. The 40 barrel will be larger and wouldn't fit through the opening in the slide.
  9. I run a Wheaton Arms conversion barrel and run my 9mm ejector in both configurations without any issues
  10. That is a very good point as well!
  11. If you are looking at a Glock 34 you may want to consider a Glock 35 instead and buy a 9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mags for it. You can shoot USPSA limited major with the 40 and swap to 9mm for 3 gun.
  12. hey Sarge this video is a few pages in also DAA has a video tutorial https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/daa-grip-kit Not on a 2011 specifically but might be helpful
  13. Thank you guys! Right now I'm running ESS Crossbow Suppressors but those Prizm lenses look nice. Jrdoran those are super similar to what I have now so I think that would be the way I would go
  14. What frames is everyone running with the Prizm lenses? I like having thin frames under my ear pro
  15. Had mine done by Doug over at https://www.dpcustomworksllc.com/
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