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  1. Update!!! Sorry it took so long, had some family emergencies over Christmas, terrible freaking xmas break.. Anyways, I have my original setup with the exception of using a 4.5 lb Wolff spring. I had no issues with the gun going into battery anymore, however I did actually feel it being a "tad" bit sluggish, I will attribute this to breaking in the new slide. Now for the light strike part.. I was shooting blazer brass, I shot 225 rounds and only had 4 light strikes! Much much better results than last time. I think next time I'm going to try the OEM striker and shoot another 100 to 200 down range. Gun now has 350 rounds on it so the slide should be broken in soon if not already.
  2. I don't disagree at all, it just what my local range had for 9mm. I usually buy blazer brass or magtech and shoot that however I didn't have that when I shot. I replaced the spring with a 4.5lb Wolff and when I get back from Christmas on Tuesday I will test out the build with data from Blazer and Hot Shot. I have OEM strikers and a 5lb spring to swap out as well as an IDP LW striker with 4 lb spring that works in the G34 to try.
  3. So I do have a V4 Race connector, as you say I do run the 4 lb wolff spring which according to ZEV is pretty much like their 2 lb spring.. I just got a 4.5 lb wolff spring in from shipping and verified the channel liner is seated properly, so I will just run some Winchester White box and blazer brass through it for another 300 rounds to try to break it in.. ZEV has mentioned to me to put 400-500 rounds down range to do so. During this exercise I will exchange the 4 lb for a 4.5 lb and keep the lightened striker and see how many light strikes I get. If I continue to get light strike I'll exchange for an OEM striker and follow up with you guys on my results and what was causing the issue to start with... it may very well be the crappy Hot Shot ammo + 4 lb spring + brand new gun is not a good combo or just might be needs to be broken in more.. we will see..
  4. Sniper Boy, wow thanks for the input! Luckily I have another G19 that has stock slide/frame but using a 5 lb striker spring and OEM striker.. I was thinking of doing exactly what you said with the DK trigger setup and IDP lightweight striker that it comes with in the ZEV19 to see if it works. To be honest, I am fairly certain I've shot the same Hot Shot ammo with it, but I couldn't be 100% certain, this gun is mainly used for SSP IDPA matches and rarely hits the indoor range. Seems as I have some testing to do.. my biggest fear is that the aftermarket ZEV slide has too tight of a tolerance and is causing a binding ever so slightly in the firing pin liner like you said, even ZEV tech support said their tolerances are super tight, so if that's the case and this ZEV slide fails with the DK kit, a stock OEM striker w/ 5 lb spring and/or a ZEV striker w/ a 4.5 lb spring then I suppose I need to send it back to ZEV.
  5. Yeah, even with a 5 lb striker spring in my other G19 it's a pretty light pull, I'll install the 4.5 lb spring with OEM striker (I have two sitting in spare parts bag) and re-test crappy range ammo.
  6. So I just ordered a Jager uncaptured rod with a 13 lb ISMI spring and a Wolff 4.5 striker spring, so I'll test that out when it comes. My current pull weight is around 2.5 lbs so I'm assuming the 4.5 lb spring will increase to about a 3 lb pull, correct? It is a sexy gun though...
  7. Truth, the gun in question is more of a "range toy" or Carry Optics pistol, it's surely not going to be used for defense. However when every other round is a light strike, the range isn't so fun anymore. I will clean my gun soon and ensure the channel liner is dry and there is no gunk in there and also try shooting it with Blazer Brass and see my results. If it's just as bad I will throw in the 5 lb striker spring with zev striker and retest and if that sucks then try the 4 lb spring with the stock striker and see how she goes.
  8. Trigger resets every time performing the recoil spring test with a dry gun, I hold it up pointing to ceiling, and let the slide release as slow as humanly possible and it goes back into battery and resets every time. I will keep that normal return spring in mind if nothing else works. I will also buy an uncaptured guide rod and test it out. Back to the striker mass, so I have the skeletonized one because of the 4 lb spring and I don't reload so I generally buy $200 a case of whatever 9mm I can get. Usually it's mag tech or blazer brass, but I guess if I use a normal striker with a 4 lb spring and Federal ammo then it shouldn't have light strikes?
  9. So here's another question that I've been mulling over... I have a 13 lb ISMI spring in my Glock 19, I know Wolff has lowest power rating being at 15 lbs, however I bought a 13 lb one from Zev.. My gun failed to return to battery and cycle a few times with the light strikes, do you think it's due to the Recoil Spring.. should I change it to 15 lbs or do you think it's the tolerances of the barrel and slide that just need to be broken in more?
  10. Thanks, I will throw a hundred rounds of Blazer Brass through it and see how it reacts. Zev did ask me to ensure the channel liner was seated fully since I built it, I have not yet checked this however I will tonight. The channel liner *should* be dry, I degreased the slide before assembling however I'll check that tonight too.
  11. Hello everyone, been creeping this forum for a long time, first post here... So, I recently built a ZEV slide gen 3 glock 19 and took it out to shoot for the first time yesterday. My results are 40% light strikes with occasional failure for the slide to go back fully into battery. When it did shoot, it shot extremely well, however after calling ZEV tech with my issues, they said I definitely should not be having those issues with my spring weights (striker = 4 lb wolff, Recoil = 13 lb ISMI), but to put a few hundred more rounds down range to break it in, they said the slide tolerances are extremely tight.. Here are my internals: ZEV Dragonfly Slide ZEV Skeletonized LW Striker Wolff 4 lb striker spring ZEV Safety Plunger ZEV Match Barrel Glock OEM Gen 3 frame Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger Bar/Shoe ZEV Captured Guide rod w/ 13 lb ISMI spring Wolff XP Trigger Return Spring I was shooting this crap the range sold called "Hot Shot 115 grain", I'm wondering if maybe the crappy ammo coupled with the tight tolerances are causing my issues? Anyone have similar problems?? Total round count in this build is ~130 rounds. For what it's worth, my G34 has a DK Customs trigger kit w/ IDP LW Striker, 4 lb spring and 13 lb ISMI with zero light strikes..
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