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  1. The general rule of thumb is cast bullets should be .001 over bore diameter. Some barrels like .002 over bore diameter especially in 9mm. With cast bullets whether they are coated or traditionally lubed one must often try different diameters to obtain best results.
  2. I have a 124/125 Gr RN no lube groove scheduled to be delivered very soon.
  3. I just ran some thru my 550 as fast I could turn the shell plate and seat a bullet. I use a Lee "U" die as the sizing die and dillon for the seating and taper crimp. I got no shaving, I even ran some unsized as cast 200's and same result. I measured the case mouth and after leaving the powder drop it measures .438
  4. I've had the same stuff pulled on some of my customers. Calls to the individual Post Offices couldn't clarify things so I went to the 800 number and provided Post Office locations and Postal employee and Postmaster names who were rude to me over the phone and one who wouldn't provide me his supervisors name (that did not go over too well with the lady taking the complaint). Sent pictures of how the boxes look before they leave my shop and sent a couple of how busted up they look after they arrive at their destination. I also mentioned how much money me and my customers spend each year with
  5. Material shortages, as in it was no longer available. Some users say the new coating shoots slower and some have said they were faster. Most users seem to be well satisfied with the new coating. Like most new things I am sure there will be bumps in the road. The new stuff I am using is imported from Australia and has been used there for many years. I will be a distributor for the stuff in the U.S. And I am working to develop a kit for the home caster to use. Like always, I stand 100% behind what I sell, if you have a problem call/e-mail me perhaps we can solve it, if not send'em back and
  6. Hello all, Just a note to let you guys know that we are doing our best to get caught up with the orders. Have installed more ovens, have another casting machine on the way. I am seldom on the forum, so if you have any questions on order status etc, send me an e-mail bayoubullets@yahoo.com Thanks Donnie
  7. If anyone is having issues with the 147's please e-mail me your specifics on the matter and I will try to get to the bottom of it. If your not satisfied with them, your welcome to return them for refund or replacement. I am seldom here so it would be best to e-mail me or call me. Thanks Donnie 225 324 4501 bayoubullets@yahoo.com
  8. Hey Donnie...

    Are you still thinking of coming to the SRRC? We have a good prize table and also wondered if you could add to it. No donation is too small... Ed K is shooting.




  9. No bounty paid there were 14 stages at the IRC this year stage 11 was a 20 second par time steel course -1 for the easy steel and -2 for the tiny steel in the back. Far and near standards was stage 13 and no zeros were found there. Are the final results posted anywhere yet?
  10. They were posted on the match website around 2:00 PM Sunday by Dave Gosse (who helped me in stats) from the range as the prize table started. Thanks Dave! http://www.crssa.com/3gun2010.aspx Linda Chico (L-2035) 2010 MS 3 Gun Statistician Thanks!
  11. Joe4d has right to his opinion, just thought I'd try to clear the air a little.
  12. I apologize if my website is not super hi-tech, it something of a work in progress. Send me an e-mail if you need want info you feel is not provided on the site. The credit card issue will be resolved soon. I am a small one man operation for the time being, who does his best to deliver a quality product and get the orders out in a timely fashion. Getting a "Cherry" cut to produce a gooveless bullet is quite expensive and I hope to address that in the not too distant future. As far as large orders are concerned I will only take what I can handle, I do not want to give you a time quote on d
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