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  1. I saw that frank from snipers hide worked with ash berry precision to make a good beginner with prs long range gun that should come in right under the 2000$ mark. I don’t know much about it but I’ve seen a lot of posts about it on the hide forum
  2. I like to listen to calming music. A lot of times I’ll put on something from the Dallas string quartet or classical music. It calms me down so I don’t jump in and try to keep up with the big dogs blowing through stages
  3. A lot of times you can find a Glock 17 cheaper than a 34 and there’s a lot more used 17 than 34s if price is a factor. Also Taylor Freelance makes a sight block to extend the sight radius of a 17
  4. There’s a reason the saying “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” is a thing. I starting going slower and making sure my shots count and while I wasn’t as fast it jumped me up in the scoring because it really helped to eliminate no shoots Mike’s and deltas. Also making sure I wasn’t still moving while trying to take a shot
  5. I had the gempro 250 then quickly upgraded to the charge master but I wanted it for precision rifle stuff
  6. I like to take apart my 35 Glock and wipe it down every few weeks, but I live in a dusty place and it gets everywhere and that window cut isn’t doing my any favors. I honestly couldn’t tell you last time I cleaned the barrel, maybe 1000rds ago?
  7. I’ve shot them in the past but if I remember right they are pretty dirty
  8. I put 5.2gr and have gotten speeds in the 1075ish range
  9. Mason

    Best Powder

    HS6 but it’s dirty
  10. Our local range is compacted white Gravel. The white is nice since it makes brass really stick out but in the middle of the summer you need sunglasses to just walk around it’s so bright.
  11. I shoot blue bullets out of my G22 with a factory barrel and it works just fine and produces 6” groups at 40yds
  12. Go give Capitol Armory’s website a look, they have a lot of good Info on purchasing a suppressor online (specially through them) but a lot of info on the subject
  13. Mason


    Gunbroker is the best place I’ve found if you want one despite the cost
  14. I prefer fine optic because it’s easier for me to see
  15. I have the 5.25 and it came with the adjustable, and I needed the adjustable sights once I started reloading
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