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  1. Na only one Czechmate and two Parrots.
  2. Well mine is suppose to be here tomorrow. So far I don't have any safe queens but this will be my first one. I read somewhere that you should be careful about field stripping it to prevent any scratches or other wear marks. Wondering about anyone having any hints for best methods for safe queens. pix of my CZs for street cred.
  3. Thx that is what I am looking for.
  4. I asked CZ Custom and they said they only had 10# springs, where did you get a 9# spring.
  5. Agree about putting in the 10# spring. Problem is it is so much fun to shoot I don't wanna take time out to do it.
  6. Finally getting around to breaking in my Parrot. After the mess with using 64 grain synthetic ammo I got some 124 Winchester. For maybe the first 50 rounds I probably had half a dozen FTFs. Easy to deal with by simply reseating the bolt which required very little effort. After about 100 rounds it was flawless. No question the first thing I need to do with my other Parrot and CM is put a couple of hundred rounds through them; it makes a huge difference in how the weapon shoots. I spent some time roughly sighting the Cmore. Note to self put a basic tool set in the range bag. Once I got the Cmore close I could not stop shooting. It was just too much stupid fun. There is a huge difference between my Shadow and the Parrot. The Shadow had no issue with the lighter rounds and the range folks really like plastic bullets much better than metal ones. There is a real difference between shooting the Parrot with the compensator and my CM which I have not installed the compensator on. On another note I understand the importance of a spotter, but am not always able to con someone into spotting for me. With a background as a serious photographer I tend to take my Nikon P900 to the range to substitute for a spotter. With an 83x magnification which is a 2000mm equivalent it is more powerful than most spotting scopes and captures what it sees in 4k. I definitely need to dial in the Cmore a little more. But the Parrot is such stupid fun to shoot I could not be bothered stopping to do that. Still unsure about installing the 10# springs I got from CZ Custom since the ones in the weapon now seem to work fine. The range was empty till I policed all my brass at which point a Glock guy showed up with four other peeps. I had one live round left, I had ejected it during a FTF, and offered to let him try out the Parrot. Always a treat to see a Glock guy after they have shot a CZ for the first time.
  7. Just got my new 10# springs from CZ. Hope I don't get kicked for this but a big part of the delay was related to my new Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor adventure. Really wanted that round and CZ does not seem to have a long gun that shoots it. In any case I took my new 24" ss barrel Tikka CTR to the range. Have to say it is a real keeper. Also took one of my Parrots and my CM with kinda stock 115 grain 9mm. Went through three mags with each. Only 4 ftfs which were easy to fix by pulling the slide back a little and seating it. No comp on the CM but there was one on the Parrot. Have to say the comp really makes a huge difference. Even with a sore shoulder (the Creedmoor does have a kick) from 60 round sighting in and shooting small 5 shoot groups I was easily able to control the Parrot. Have to think after I shoot a couple of hundred rounds the stock spring may well not need to be replaced. Had to share the last 10 shots from the Tikka.
  8. If Maria was elected president we would have to call her Baberaham Lincoln.
  9. Anyone know about this new CZ. One post on the facebook thread said you could pre order but did not indicate where. Hope I am too late to get in line cuz I should not buy another toy. But I want one.
  10. Well I am forced to admit the factory ammo was RNP 9mm Luger 65 grain. There are hotter factory loads and I will be trying them. I like the light stuff since my sailing catamaran is only 42 feet long and the hull is probably less than1/2 inch thick which means probably even that load would put a hole in it if my aim was off in repelling the Pirates of the Caribbean. I also will be shooting heavier loads in the local matches (maybe) so it looks like in any case I need to play around with springs and get a box like yours.
  11. Well I am just starting out, but with a bang as I have recently bought two Parrots, one CM, and already had a TS and a Shadow; plus other light weight CZs. So I am now in the market for some springs. For the first time I took my Parrots and CM to the range and tried shooting stock off the shelf ammo. The CM would seldom cycle and I had to manually clear the spent round and chamber a new one. The Parrots never cycled. On the advice of posts here which I followed I was told to try and see if the Parrot/CM would cycle with the stock spring and if not get a lighter one. Not everyone agreed about how light and 11# seemed to be the average; but maybe not the best choice. I am looking at going to CZ Custom and getting several 10# and 11# springs for the three weapons. Cost does not seem to be an issue with these items but I would like to avoid having to dig around in a box to get the right one. Any advice on what weight you suggest. I am also fairly sure that the Parrot needs a lighter spring than the CM based on what happened at the range since I was able to get it to cycle several times while the Parrot never cycled. So maybe I need different weight springs for different weapons. This CZ stuff is hard to figure out. At least for me. The Parrot had the compensator on it while the CM did not.
  12. Well I have to say after watching a youtube vid about the Kadet real life is not as easy as youtube. I got my Kadet and Shadow. The vid illustrated how to file off some areas to assure the right fit. I am currently taking a break after filing for about 3 hours. The slide is now easily fitting about 3/4 of the way into the frame as a result of my slow but sure filing. With more effort on my part I feel good about getting the right fit. But I am wondering if there is a better way to do that. Maybe I am just getting anxious and want to stop cutting bait and start fishing. In any case I would like to upgrade my skills in this area. I know there are face to face and online gunsmithing schools but thought I would ask here about it. Any ideas welcome.
  13. Well I have 2 Parrots, a CM, a Shadow, and a TS. I also have a Guga Ribas holster I can easily adjust for all those bad boys. No need for inserts, blocks, or what ever you guys call them. I have to say it seems like a nobrainer to me to get this type of holster. Here is a link to the site review.
  14. I have seen several posts about using a heavier spring. One guy said use a 17 pound spring. This is the biggest question I have so far. Looks like a Shadow may be the way to go. Glad to have an excuse to get another CZ.
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