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  1. They asked me to send it in and will replace it for free since it's defective. Great customer service.
  2. Thanks for the responses. No I don't leave them in the car, as there's a good chance they'd go missing. I'll contact Rudy, thanks.
  3. I noticed last week that one of the lenses had a spot about the size of a pea. It wouldn't clean up using regular lens solution, but since it was so small I ignored it. As the days go by, the spot keeps growing. It's like a slow chemical reaction that's happening inside the lens itself. There's no surface abnormality or change in texture. You can see a photo of the lens here: The lens is a gray smoke impactx polarized photochromic variety. Has anyone seen this problem before? thanks
  4. I think there should be a GGM (Great Grand Master) class - calling it first! I've always held the opinion that the classes were just for bragging rights. People who are serious about competing and winning are looking at raw times. I'm off to get some ice cream and watch TV.
  5. Pittbug

    Jerry Miculek Facts

    Mythbusters proved a bullet can't be curved, but they haven't met Jerry. Jerry doesn't need a gun, he can sneeze the plates off a texas star. If all the lead Jerry has shot was put in one place, the earth would shift axis. It was a coverup, the Navy didn't shoot down that faulty satellite, Jerry did. Why do you think S&W calls their compact and highly capable revolver a J frame?
  6. Pittbug

    Vacation pics

    Wow, gorgeous scenery, thanks for sharing.
  7. Those shots were taken with a Nikon D90 body, Nikon AF-S 105mm f/2.8 VR micro lens, 56mm of Kenko extension tubes and an SB28 flash unit.
  8. So I'm getting more into photography and decided to take a couple of pics of some of my reloads.
  9. Conrad always gets the fun ones.
  10. "Unsafe gun handling" is basically a catchall rule because they can't possibly write in all of the unsafe things that some people might do. So by having a catchall rule, it allows the SO some flexibility in determining what is unsafe. When something is happening on the line that is potentially unsafe, it's probably better to have the SO concentrate on keeping the shooter and everyone else safe, rather than trying to recount 20 different specific gun handling rules and how they may or may not apply at that moment.
  11. I think the doctor can prescribe pills for that Duane
  12. Pittbug


    Ran through the classifier yesterday. First run was terrible, I had some malfunctions and my head just wasn't there, I had a hard time picking up the sights. After running a few people through, there was a lull towards the end of the day, so I ran through it again and did much better. Including points down I shot it in about 104s (ESP), which is my best so far. Looking at the hits, it's quite clear what I need to work on.
  13. Pittbug


    I finally got my butt in gear tonight and made use of an old diaper box I had lying around so I could get in some practice for the classifier in a couple of weeks.
  14. My wife wouldn't say that because I'd hold her to it. Instead, if anything needs to be done around the house, she just ignores it until I HAVE to do it because at that point it's pretty obvious that she won't.
  15. Pittbug


    Took first place in ESP this weekend, which was great, although a little surprising. I had a bunch of new shooters to help, so I wasn't particularly in my game. It also didn't help that I was a drinker for some OVI training at the local PD the day before. My trigger control was awful and it cost me far too many points, but I just couldn't resist the free drinks! I was also approached by someone who said they're looking to start running IDPA matches at Oakland Park up by Marengo, OH. I was hoping that it was going to be a lot closer, but it's pretty much equidistant from Big Darby Creek. I'm not sure how that's going to work out, but I wish them luck. The next few weeks are going to be busy. I should have some airsoft supplies arriving this week, so it'll be fun to break that out and start plinking away. There's a classifier in May, so I'm going to try a lot harder to get master. I had a good long winter break, so it's time I knuckle down and get to work again. I also want to develop a new load using 185gr tips, to hopefully increase consistency in velocities, so any major matches I attend this year won't be as nail biting at the chrono stage. My fitness schedule also took a dive this winter. I had a couple of minor injuries and took on two rescue dogs but they just didn't work out. Then after talking it over with my wife at length, we decided on a doberman pup, so all that has thrown my schedule off and I haven't yet been able to re-establish a solid rhythm. But I do feel like everything is once again falling into place and I will be back on track again this week.
  16. Anyone know what the path is like down to the range? I'm hoping the snow is gone so my VW can make it.
  17. Well that's the thing, I don't really know. I assumed the CO2 canisters just had a self sealing ball valve type thing, like propane bottles, but I may be completely wrong. According to the picture on the box, you take the base plate off the mag and insert the mini CO2 bottle. But I was wondering if there was an adapter for the big CO2 bottle, so I could fill the mag with CO2 using the green gas valve in the mag instead....
  18. Duane - I have the WE Tech P14 which is labelled as CO2/Green Gas...
  19. My garage is too full of junk to be able to do any meaningful dry fire, so I was going to do it in the basement. However, I'm not sure I want to be releasing propane into a poorly ventilated area near my furnace and hot water heater. Has anyone tried using CO2 instead? I have a mig welder with a big honking CO2 cylinder, so i was wondering if I'd even be able to refill the little CO2 canisters, or just fill the mags with CO2 instead of green gas.
  20. I see glocks and XDs used in CDP but haven't seen a H&K so far. I know someone local who shoots a P30 in ESP. I shot one in .40 and I quite liked it.
  21. Perhaps it was a medical condition? http://www.aaronstonemd.com/KeloidEar.shtm
  22. "The next air show and open house is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2011." You may want to keep an eye on their site over the coming months. http://www.edwards.af.mil/
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