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  1. Yes it's legal SSP or ESP Also USPSA Production, it's on the list. Add optics and you can go CO with both organizations. I have 15k rounds EACH through two guns. It's solid, great, dependable.
  2. Here is a comparison to another similar SF gun.
  3. What does the pro model weigh? (with an empty mag). IDPA is 43 ounce limit.
  4. They sell an attachment to add the optic. They even sell the optic....See my recent review below. Bore axis is mitigated by a lighter slide than "other" guns....q5sf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjc4y3R9UoM&t=1s
  5. I've had good success with the Arex Alpha. Decent amount of abuse and held up almost flawlessly. It is a well made machine. Here is my review, please hit the like button! https://youtu.be/bjc4y3R9UoM
  6. watch the tanfoglios for IDPA. Pretty sure only one model is legal.
  7. That's where I got my current drill from. He has the best stuff that I've seen to date.
  8. I'm doing a drill now that has me aim gun and when beep sounds pull trigger as fast as I can and watch for sight movement. I still get some movement from time to time and I believe it has to do with "milking" the gun or when you move your trigger finger, the whole hand flexes just enough to cause sight movement. Anyone have a different drill that worked for them to separate trigger finger movement from twitching hand? My grip is good. I feel it has a little to do with hand tension, but it's not always consistent. EDIT: when I do my drill above, I do NOT rest finger on trigger, rather it is off the trigger to simulate real life fast shooting.
  9. I will say, my favorite part (on paper) is striker fired. better than DA/SA imho
  10. Too late in the offseason. I already committed to buying 2 Arex Alphas for competition season. Was looking for a full metal frame 9mm and AA was the only option that worked for me and IDPA. IF they would have announced something 2 months ago........I would have waited. My buddy went from the polymer Q5 to a Glock just last month. He talked to Walther and got no solid info about this new gun so he didn't think it was happening and went Glock. Oh well, maybe next year. And if this thing doesn't fit in the IDPA box, they will be missing a huge opportunity.
  11. IDPA weight.....43oz max and that gun stock is around 42......And, was that a box for IDPA or USPSA? Thanks!
  12. How much more do they weigh? At stock that thing is real close to weight.
  13. Just got an email back from Tanfoglio saying they no longer produce the Limited Pro model. At first he said no longer importing but when inquiring further, it was no longer producing. Why is it so hard to find an IDPA legal full metal frame gun. IDPA needs to relax.
  14. Stock I has a cylindric barrel113 mm long That right there is illegal. cylindric is another name for cone. 113mm is 4.4+ inches. From the IDPA rulebook: T. Heavy or cone style barrels on firearms with barrel lengths of 4.25” or less. (for ESP or CDP only, SSP cannot have a cone barrel at all) Good to know that Limted Pro may be produced again, will keep an eye out for sure!
  15. Was told by Tanfoglio directly that Limited Pro's are not being made. Hopefully there was a misunderstanding...... What did they change on the Stock 1 to make it legal? Have not seen that model listed anywhere. Cone barrel is only legal in ESP if it is 4.25 inches or less. That link shows a cylidrical barrel that is a cone barrel. that one listed is NOT legal.
  16. Stock 1 is Cone barrel and over 4.25 inches. Not legal. Limited Pro is legal but was told it is out of print. Find one if you can! p match pro is a polymer gun There are other legal CZs but only one of the many race guns they make ready to go.
  17. No currently produced Tanfoglio's are legal in IDPA. None. The ONLY CZ model IDPA legal is the SP-01 Shadow TARGET 2. No other CZ's are IDPA legal, none. Arex Rex Alpha. 42 oz. I shoot it, it's great. Has a Sig feel to it. Suped up Beretta like a Langdon or a Wilson Combat, but they are on the light side 36 ounces or so. That is it. Maybe a Browning Hi-Power, but that thing is way outdated. IDPA rules make it tough to find anything. Good luck.
  18. Can't tell with the grip tape. That 1/4 inch of space above the rear sight is enough room anyway.
  19. It weighs 41.5 oz with an empty mag in it. IDPA limit is 43 oz Also, the stated length is too long for the IDPA box. Manufacturer told me they went to a match with it and put it in the "box" It fits. They even sent me a picture of it in the box. He said that the posted length is incorrect.
  20. ANR design makes them. Just ordered one. Has a G-code RTI hanger that comes with it. https://www.anrdesignkydexholster.com/product/race-owb-with-g-code-rti-hanger/#make-and-model This is for the Alpha. I don't think the REX ZERO holster will work for the Alpha. There was a local custom Kydex place by me called black rhino concealment in Gilberts, IL. Said they needed my gun to mold off of. I said ok, but they never followed up. Found ANR and they already have a mold. My beretta holster was made for these mags. Perfect fit, even has the "notch" in the mag.
  21. It does come with 3 different trigger springs, with the middle one installed so there is a quick reduction possible out of the gate. I've been shooting Revolver exclusively since February, so any other trigger pull feels like nothing.....:) The struggle is wheel. I highly recommend it by the way, revolver that is. My DA pull doesn't move the sights even a millimeter. IF I take anything positive away from it, trigger control was worth the struggle.
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