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  1. Understanding Speed mode and Match mode Will provide right reward.
  2. Calling your shot is not missing. Follow through is recalling all the s#!t you have to do at the next position as you break your last called shot.
  3. Video tape your draw and grip. Watch if your body is moving around. If you miss your grip,crush it harder. Listen to Steve Andersons podcast.
  4. Vicious grip tape. It's like that box from Dune.
  5. Lok Grips has very aggressive panels called Bogies.
  6. Vicious grip tape if super aggressive and Eric Grauffel's, Fast Grip is primo. JJ Racaza has Power Grip too. Use grip sauce in dryfire always.
  7. Be sure to put chuncky gravel and spent brass all over the floor to simulate range conditions.
  8. Strengthening your weak hand will develop a good grip.
  9. Trail running shoes Help with running on funky terrain. As well, Hwansik Kim was a guest on Fire Arms Nation podcast a few weeks back and got super descriptive about explosive movement.
  10. When you get to the match remember that You belong there.
  11. 4 years of inconsistent grip and draw. Got thicker grips, Boom fixed.
  12. You need to Truly see that piece of target you want to hit or your brain will pick a piece of target for you.
  13. Black Scorpion magnetic pouches are great for IPSC... and CR Speed pouches are bomber.
  14. Living in Georgetown now but was born in Oakville. Shooting shadow and loving it. I'm a B class in production. No cash for live fire so I'm dry firing till I bleed. I like 9 ball, drums and bouldering.
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