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  1. Thanks for the response! I'll be watching for your post after you get your prototype!
  2. Hi All, I just got a Browning Buckmark. It's the Shot Show 2017 model ("Black Label"). I want to replace the plain black front sight with a fiber optic; maybe a red-dot rear later on; we'll see.... My gunsmith tells me that the front sight is not the same as that on most BuckMarks, and he can't find a Dawson to replace it. Suggestions??? Thanks in advance; you folks have been an amazing source of info so far!!
  3. Woo-hoo! I found a GREAT (ie, low starting bid...) deal on GunBroker.com on a Black-Label. Put in a bid, and I won (I was the only bidder - go figure...). So my Buckmark should arrive in a few days. I'll stick with Mini-Mags for a while, and get some rounds through her. Actually, I'll probably feed her only Mini-Mags or CCI AR, since I HATE malfunctions... Most shooting will be indoors for a few months. Next step will be a red-dot, but I plan to do that in the spring, just as steel challenge season starts up again in these here cold parts. Probably either a DeltaPoint or a C-More. Y'all aren't shy - what do you recommend?
  4. Hi again, all of you! Based upon your input, I'm expanding my search. Today I held a Browning Buckmark (slab-barrel; 5.5"), a Ruger 22/45 Lite, and a S&W Victory. I totally fell in love with how the Browning felt in terms of the grip and natural pointing. So I'm leaning that way, but my gunsmith brought up a troubling thing - the need to remove the sight rail in order to do a good cleaning. But the salesman told me that I could do a pretty good cleaning without hassling with that step. But I don't know; I like to really get in there and swab springs, etc when possible. And for a 22LR, it seems that good cleaning is pretty important. What do you folks say? Thanks again for all the wonderful input!
  5. Wow - so much great info! Thanks to all of you for your input!
  6. I've been shooting my husband's 22LR Ruger "Target". I love the gun (and the Steel Challenge), so I'm starting to research what gun to buy for myself. I will eventually put a red dot on my gun, but I will probably use the iron sights for a while. I found a poll in this forum, and it indicated that Ruger is very popular with this crowd. I'm OK with that, but now I need to choose between all the available models. I like the heft of my husband's "Target". I understand that excess weight could be a penalty in terms of rapid motion between targets. But on the other hand, the extra weight makes it feel so solid in my hand. Opinions? Also, I find that the beavertail on my husband's gun is sort of uncomfortable when I take a good, high, solid grip. Any fixes for this issue? Thanks in advance for your input!
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