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  1. Here is the final look you can paint the shim if you like.
  2. For those of you who like to mount a Romeo Max or XL on a S2 OR and find out is to big for it. You can mount it and spend just about $50 extra bucks. What you need: 2 CZ mounting plates for cmore/vortex razor 1 aluminum sheet of 1mm thickness 2 M3 x 12mm screws 2 M4 x 12mm screws Metal cutting scissors drill Metal file procedure: Make a template on the aluminum sheet using one of the CZ plates. Then cut it and use the metal file to get it to the right size and clean the edges. This will be use as a shim. Use the CZ
  3. I ordered it without realizing it didn't fit. The place I bought it from will only give me credit for it and had no other sights that interested me. The SRO was my second option. Raising it won't bother me that much as I'm moving from Open to CO. In Open the sight is always higher than the slide, so in terms of aiming I know what to expect. Can you share what happen to the ones that failed? How many of them?
  4. Ok, so I got the S2 OR and a Romeo 3 XL. I now know the XL doesn't fit the S2 OR plate cut as it is slightly longer. My questions are: 1) Is it possible to remove the iron sight and install a dovetail mount for the Romeo 3 XL? I don't know if dovetail mounts fit in the S2 OR dovetail. Guessing is a standard size but asking just in case is not. 2) Does anyone know if there is a custom plate made for the Romeo 3 XL to mount on S2 OR? Looking at the CMORE plate, all that needs to be done is make it 2-3mm thicker and move the optic screw holes and pins back 2mm. But it
  5. Looks good! is this a middle or large size? The comp looks very short.
  6. You are right about that. So, let me begin with one that is not listed here. I own a STI DVC Open. Have it for about 2 years and some extra months now. The good: The gun shoots nice, looks good, feels good in my hands. They removed some weight on these newest models, I'd rather preferred they had left the weight in. The bad: Extractor was problematic after 3 months. I bought an Aftec extractor for it. The original extractor was so bad that I only needed to push it with my index finger to take it out of the slide. After putting in the Aftec there wer
  7. I tested their limited pistol Nemesis, it was really good. I read some reviews from the Chaos which correlate what you said.
  8. There is no intention on getting anyone talk bad about a company. I rather like to see comments from current owners or people that have shoot them. What they liked and what they didn't.
  9. Why? And I ask because I have seen just a few shooters with Limcat pistols. Not saying there aren't many shooters with those pistols, is just my observation at different matches I have attended.
  10. Hi everyone! So, if you are looking for something reliable and with good performance, which of these three options will be better for an Open pistol? And, why? Atlas Gunworks Chaos Limcat Razorcat Bul Armory Bullesteros
  11. My DVC Open slide cracked about 2 weeks ago. Shipped out the gun for warranty service and they received it a week ago. Wondering how long it will take for me to get it back?!
  12. Well it seems that Carne is making lots of noise in the custom guns market. And the noise is from shooters not commercial advertising. The guns DO look great and I watched a video of an open gun and it looked like top end gunsmith work. Will keep this guns in mind. What about warranty? any experience with that?
  13. You are right about going with better quality. But some of us can only afford DVC quality. I wish I could get me a 7k open gun!
  14. I was looking at their fzbook page today. How good cost vs the others?
  15. Agree with the screwdriver and scraping. If you do at least 1 time for every 3 times the gun is used; you’ll always have a well clean comp.
  16. Hi everyone. Now that STI has left the competition gun market for the tactical market. Which brand/maker of 2011 open guns that are about the same quality and cost of a DVC Open would you recommend?
  17. Does it still works or did you end up sending it to STI?
  18. Nice thank you, I sent warranty request email to STI and told them about the "new new" racker. I don't really understand how this one is mounted to the slide. Do you install the black screw and then the racker on top of it? Sorry but I just can't see how it mounts,on the right side of the slide there is just another hole in case you like the racker on the right side. So that means the screw is not a locking device to prevent the racker from rotating and getting loose.
  19. Yes is the “new” not the “new new”. I wasn’t aware there is a “new new” design. I let you know the outcome, thank you for the info
  20. Damn it! Someone got to come up with a hardened steel design
  21. Hi guys! So after waiting for 8 months and after 1000 rounds my new gun slide racker broke. No the gun wasn't dropped neither it broke while racking it. During the middle of today;s match it got loose and I tighten it up again. This design is the only thing I found to be sloppy when I got the gun. After the match I decided to stay a little longer and practice a bit. I was shooting then I noticed it wasn't there anymore. Searched the ground found it and noticed it was broken at the base of the screw. I was lucky I could used some WD40 on the screw still attached to the slide, left it for
  22. Thank you guys, will see this week what the turn around is.
  23. That is how I feel but I wouldn’t like doing it. It took STI 6 months to deliver my gun imagine if I send it back. 6-8 months waiting
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