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  1. Can you shoot just the Revo match or do you need to shoot single stack as well?
  2. Thanks for coming out to the match and for all of your help with tear down.
  3. The application is posted on the ICORE site as well as WCFW.org site Come on out and play, John
  4. We have a great match planned! 8 Stages and round count is 210. Shoot the match on Saturday. We've changed the format a bit and this will be a cash payback match with a random drawing of a limited number of prizes Saturday afternoon. Sunday will be a man on man shoot-off for cash as well. Hope to see you out there! John Burkholder
  5. Thanks for the replies. Looks like I'll be painting what I need. John
  6. The only issue with using paper would be covering the perforation around the edge. That could make it hard to determine if the full bullet diameter was inside the perf for shots close to the edge. Cutting the paper to fit inside the perforation would be a PITA.
  7. We've done that in the past as well. But I thought for sure I've seen no shoot tombstone targets and am hoping somebody here would know of a source.
  8. Does anyone know where I can get some? I need them for the Rocky Mountain Regional at the end of the month. I've looked at a couple of the normal suppliers but they don't show the 'no-shoot' version Thanks John
  9. I'll be picking mine up tomorrow so I'll get some picks up as well.
  10. I picked up a couple sets of the small Surefire plugs and also found some small safety glasses with flat ear pieces. Combing those with the muffs seems to work good. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  11. I'm not sure if there is a mag extension but Lancer does make 48 rounders. Right now on GB there are several for sale.
  12. For those of you that are using the +2 cap, are you using the stock spring or did you switch it out for a longer one?
  13. Thanks, I'll see if I can find some from one of the local dealers.
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