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  1. It is, according to my testing and others. Chrono shows CFE slightly more energetic than wac, 572 is by itself. I have not found a powder similar yet.
  2. Thanks for that info. That's amazing. I would not have known. So iced is 7-12pf stronger or 60-90 fps faster with 30 degree difference.
  3. I haven't shot this alot, just testing indoors. I get better results with AA#7 and vv3n38
  4. I am using a 5.1" kkm barrel, no holes and am also using precision Delta's 124gr jhp and w572 @ 1.150. I am getting with 6.6grs pf 168 sd 13 es 31. 6.7grs gives me pf 170.8 sd 13 es 32. 6.8 gives me pf 172 sd 19 es 46. Maybe your Chrono needs new batteries or calibration. I am using a LabRadar.
  5. You guys in this forum know a crap load of critical information. I Appreciate finding these little nuggets of wisdom and knowledge throughout BE forum. Idescribe posts about the bow-wave effect of trans-sonic speeds and how it can affect accuracy. The 147gr at major pf falls right in this trans-sonic range. Brilliant Idescribe, just brilliant. Makes a ton of sense.
  6. So keepkool, it's been almost 4 years since you got some slower powders. What did you find out? I am about to do the same as you with the same gun. So any info you can provide the better.
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