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  1. Stock mags with Henning basepad only will get you 18-19 (all I've tried have gotten 19 though it's a bit snug). With henning basepad + grams spring and follower will get 21 consistently.
  2. New York is still closed so probably not unfortunately.
  3. Its the same hammer/sear/disconnect set used in many DW 1911s. Trigger pull will feel essentially the same.
  4. Any modern 1911 hammer will work just fine, The old style a1 hammers and such that cant be used with a beaver tail safety on 1911s would run into a similar issue here of running into the beavertail.
  5. 4 inch full rail 1911? Never knew such a thing existed or that anyone made holsters for them haha. But anyhow, good question. Most likely will not fit if it's kydex, dwx is a little shorter from top of the slide to bottom of the rail than a railed 1911 and a little bit wider at both the slide and frame (~24.1mm dust cover width, ~24.9 slide width.) but to be honest I havent had a chance to try any commander length full rail holsters out. Leather may be a bit more forgiving. I do know however they have been working with multiple holster companies to get product available so hopefully should see some dedicated options out before too long.
  6. Dwx slide stops have no replacement schedule
  7. Lower barrel lug I presume?
  8. No, as mentioned before, the only parts made in the Czech republic are the rear sight, extractor spring, and slide stop spring and it uses cz mags. Otherwise this is a US gun.
  9. Oldest video i can find anywhere and official announcement occurred on Oct 21st 2019 (looks like I was off by a couple days) If you are seeing something different I would sure like a link
  10. October 24th 2019 was a year ago?
  11. Cz is not making the frames or slides, only the extractor spring, slide stop spring, rear sight for the full size and the firearm uses cz mags. The dwx frames are made from forgings. Eta. Mentioned a bit earlier in the thread, but this is very much a DW product with some CZ influence rather than the opposite.
  12. Idk if there has really been hype passed what the people have speculated on themselves. Realistically the only officially distributed information has been: An announcement press release A few instagram and facebook photos Shot show interviews with CZ-USA. Certainly no glock 44, Springfield armory saint, hudson h9, etc. Level Hype build ups. As far as what it does. At the moment without it being in public hands most of it is speculation. What can be said for sure however though is: -It provides a 1911 fire control system in a package that feels very much like a cz. (What benefit there is to a 1911 system over the cz 75 series fcg is chiefly subjective, but it can at least be irrefutabley said that there is a far greater aftermarket for components, knowledge pool and Smiths available when it comes to the 1911 trigger system compared with the 75 series at least in the US.) -trying to stay away from subjectivity as much as possible, but I will say control geometry/ position is quite a bit more friendly to more hand sizes than any 2011 frame I've yet to handle. Magazine catch, slide stop and safety are all easy to manipulate without changing grip position for pretty much all but the very smallest hands and having grip panels does make finding something with the perfect contours quite a bit easier and cheaper than figuring out what 2011 grip will feel right (though the henning grips he made specifically to match the slightly different contours of the model are damn hard to beat for feel and grip) -again comparing to 2011 style guns, a reversible magazine catch is standard here in comparison and ALL magazines available feature catch positions for both sides (looking at you MBX) -cheaper mags (that if you will take my word for it, really do run great), given if you put pads and guts in everyone you buy, ya the cost savings isnt as significant, but I'd say just the simple opportunity to have cheap stock configuration spares is nice. -while the full size frame of the dwx and slide height/bore axis is built around geometry of the .40 s&w (rather than 45 acp as in 2011's giving it a bore axis about .100" lower). Slide stroke length is actually kept at the longer 1911/2011 distant rather than the shorter stroke length used in the tso or shadow 2. Is there an objective benefit? Idk but it sure feels nice. -it's already been said quite a few places, but a advantage this has over other new to market designs is a good sized aftermarket already available by keeping compatibility with commonly customized/ tuned components from the 75 series and 1911s. -just like every dan wesson 1911, every part of the dwx is machined from billet or forging (not to say there is anything wrong with castings or mim, but in a product of this nature and quality expectation, I dont really care for the cost saving manufacturing technologies too much) -lastly, (and after realizing this post is already wayyyy too long for the average attention span) talking a little bit about grip geometry (definitely starting to get into the subjective/hypish territory here, but as one of my favorite features I do have to mention it) the combination of a 75ish beavertail/backstrap geometry, the very high undercut of under the trigger guard allowed by the 1911 trigger and p-10/p-09 mag catch position and the parallel to rails bore axis really do lend to a very natural pointing sight alignment and return to aim. Probably missed some other various "reasons you need another gun" but TLDR. really the most important things are A. It's a new gun and more guns in the world is always a good thing and B. It looks cool
  13. A lot harder to source recycled skoda in the US. As mentioned, only cz produced parts here are the rear sight on the full size, slide stop spring, extractor spring, and of course the magazines.
  14. Grip feel is a little different/hard to explain on the full size, backstrap feels very shadow 2ish, but the front strap/trigger guard under cut is much higher. Combined with the parallel-to-rails bore axis and 1911 safety location for thumb position, and it ends up pointing very naturally.
  15. Ya, unfortunately they stopped having a booth at the industry range day around maybe 6 years ago.
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