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  1. It's so funny how you mention safety, as that is one of the biggest concerns I have when I go to a new match. I always tend to run my first match at a new location, slower than I would normally just to show the RSO I'm all about the safety. (at least the first stage) Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. I haven't begun the reloading yet, I just do what i can to buy ammo when its on sale - hardly ever. I'm way over my bullet budget always.
  2. A friend of mine suggested that I join this forum since I have an insatiable appetite for shooting. I'm very interested in learning all I can about 3-gun matches so that maybe next year I can jump into it. I've been shooting for about a year, and I've participated in a few local pistol matches and find that I really love it. I try to do one or two matches a week, as time permits. I have trained a bit on my handgun and rifle, but have very little experience with the shotgun. They are fun to shoot, I guess but not as fun as the AR and Handgun
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