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  1. Atlas makes great guns! Their customer service is top notch! If you ever have a problem you can give them a call and they will get it taken care of. The wait time is minimal compared to other companies, but you are not sacrificing quality.
  2. I have SV mags, STI gen2 mags, and MBX mags. They all work as long as you have them tuned right. Yes the sti mags need tuned when you get them. The mbx mags were good to go right away. But after a few months they all need retuned anyway so to me it’s not a big deal. My most recent mags are the STI mags because they are a better deal after their price drop.
  3. This why I just picked up a Holosun 510c. The window on the DPP is just to small. So hopefully the Holosun will fix that problem for me.
  4. I guess the other question is how confident are you that your chrono is right? Also if you shot on a sunny day the chrono can give you some wrong numbers.
  5. If I were going to put a new dot on my gun I would look at the Holosun 510c. Sig is coming out with a new optic also that has a massive window.
  6. Personally I like a smaller dot. The 2.5 DDP has been great! I did have a 6 MOA RTS2 and it was good as well. But I find that on further targets and steel plates I get better hits with the smaller dot.
  7. I just tried it in my Atlas Chaos and I’m going to start using it over HS-6. The only problem is finding the Shooters World.
  8. If you could take a picture of the tilted case that would be helpful. When I was having problems with 650 it was because the timing of the shell plate was off. So the case wasn't lining up with the die and would hang up on the side of it. I ended up fixing this problem by adjusting my roller cam.
  9. So is the case not being seated all the way into the first position so it hangs up when you try to deprime? Do you have any after market parts on the 650?
  10. I have an Atlas Chaos and it is great! Honestly there is not much of a difference between my gun and my buddies Akai however he might think his is better . When I was looking to buy a new open gun I called Atlas on a Sunday and Adam talked to me for over 30 min about his guns. The customer service from Atlas is fantastic. The gun, well the gun is everything I wanted in an open gun. The fit and finish is top notch. At the end of the day the choice is yours. Akai is a great builder there is no arguing that however, Atlas is just as good. You will not be disappointed either way. When I made my choice it came down to 2 things. Price and Lead time. When you build a gun similar to the atlas chaos from akai you are looking at easily $1500-2000 more. Tack onto that over a year wait. Well that made my decision simple and I don’t regret it one bit.
  11. Go with 3mm TTI pads for 170s and 7mm for 140s
  12. This is some really great information. I just tested some Accurate #7 yesterday and found my chaos need more like 9.9-10 gr. from what some of the guys I know that use AA7 a little bit higher PF works better for that powder. I have been using 8.1 of HS6 and honestly I couldn't tell much of a diffrence between the two. But I need to do some more testing. Im interested in your findings of the Shooters World Major powder. Might have to pick up a pound of that and try it out, if I can find it that is.
  13. Im an open shooter and I do double muff, personally I used Peltor Sport Tactical 300s with the gels cup. I have been very happy with them so far. The dynamic sound suppression is very nice for shooting both indoor and outdoor. You can get the muffs and the gel cups for under $150, for the price they are hard to beat.
  14. The gun balances very well. It is a heavier gun than any other open gun I have shot. But it feels great!
  15. You can look at a steel main spring housing. That will give you about 2 more oz. but the Limcat brass magwell with the house will give you about 10 oz. that would be great for polymer grip guns!
  16. Yeah the just came out. I have a Atlas Chaos and went with the aluminum one because 8 more oz on a Chaos I’m afraid would make it to heavy.
  17. I have had good luck with MBX mags. Gen 2 STI mags with grams guts I'm still having problems with. They keep nose diving into the feed ramp. I have followed Atlas' videos to tune them but I continue to have problems. Maybe its my gun, Im not sure.
  18. Looks great! What was your wait time? I’m at 103 days since I ordered.
  19. Let let’s get something straight. I didn’t sell you a non working gun. I sent it back to CK and they said nothing was wrong but yet came back with file marks on the barrel and the guide rod. It did come back working significantly better. So they fixed the gun but won’t admit there was a problem with it. I had to pay the shipping both ways as well. I can not and will not own a gun that I can’t recommend someone else to buy. As well I won’t do business with a company that won’t admit to their mistakes. I made sure that gun ran before I sold it. But the headache that went into making it run could have been avoided. Not to mention the extra costs. I’m very happy that you haven’t had problems with the gun. But for me after the initial issues and then CK telling me that there is no problem but yet it comes back with tool marks. I will never own a CK and will never recommend anyone buy one either.
  20. I owned a CK and it was the worst purchase I ever made. The gun had nothing but problems and CK has terrible customer service. My father owns an STI and it has been great. Personally I’m moving on to an Atlas Chaos.
  21. I’m not sure what options you are picking for a full custom chaos from atlas to get the price that high. I do think the Limcats are a flasher gun and maybe look better. I have never shot one or seen one in person so I can not comment on how well they run. For me personally I bought the chaos because of how many great reviews they get and the lead time or lack there of. When I was look to buy a new open gun I called Atlas on a Sunday and Adam picked up the phone as he was driving back from area 7 and answered all the questions I had. That was what made me decide to buy from them. I have hear great things about Limcat and there Customer service as well.
  22. Definitely buy quality. I bought a CK and had nothing but problems with it. Open is extremely fun if you don’t have problems. If you do then it becomes extremely frustrating. With my CK I couldn’t go more then 1 stage without having problems. I understand your concern. I have an atlas on order now and should be here next month. I’m hoping that will run better and from what I hear about Atlas, it will. Mags and ammo do take some messing around with to get everything running well however it’s all worth it in the end.
  23. No Doubt that is a great deal. My Atlas Chaos will be here in about a month now. I first bought a CK and that was a big mistake so I sold that and bought the Atlas. I really never looked into Limcat. It sounds like they are making some really nice guns.
  24. I know the Atlas Chaos is running about $5600. What are the Limcats running? I do understand the price does change with different options on the limcats. Im just looking for a ball park number.
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    I have used both Winchester and CCI and they both work great
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