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  1. Picked one up and the glass is phenomenal! and on par with both Razor 1-6 and Accupower 1-8 that I've peeked through. I picked up the 1-8 BRS with the R-14 reticule and from a look at the data (223 factory ammo @2,700 to 3.,000fps) it should match the bullet drops that are built in to the scope already (FFP so should bullet drop and any power). Ended up with this one as I wanted a dual purpose scope for both competition and varmints. The thing is a beast and feels very good, even on the edges has true color ( from what I can tell) , I actually haven't had a chance to even sight it in yet due to work schedule and vacation travel.
  2. Was looking for a entry level scope for 2 gun and the shepherd scopes 1-6 or 1-8 have good reviews any thoughts?
  3. Have a guy here in Mesa AZ, that custom made mine for the Ultra Tac FS, for $50 or 60 and turn a round was in 2 days.. I can get his info if you want it.
  4. Cool thanks for the help gentlemen..
  5. Did a search and it seem that the last comments on this powder were from years ago. Is anybody still loading this? I'm looking to load for 9mm minor/production and .40 major. Thanks.
  6. The club I’m Currently at we had 200 shooters on average for TNS every week
  7. Not trying to hijack this thread, but do they have a weekly shoot in the San Antonio area, like Tuesday night steel or something similar.
  8. Out of Kuna I see, I met my wife there in Meridian. How did it preform in the cold, noticed much of a drop in velocity?
  9. Thats not bad the WSF I'm loading to 6.0 to make major (with a little cushion) @ 1.185 using FMJ 180Gr. I'm being told the powder is pretty clean, how did you like it?
  10. Picked up some Vectan Ba9 1/2, didn’t know if anyone had some load data for a 5” barrel, 40 of course. Did the search and couldn’t find anything but the data sheets I already have. Haven’t had time to Chrono rounds yet, and tired of the WSF.
  11. Going to give this a recipe a try as I have a few 165gr fmj laying around and see, if this works.
  12. I run the 11# spring now and will change it to the 13#, I'm going to chrony some rounds this weekend to see what the difference and feel is.
  13. Haven’t considered going down (yet). What I’m trying to do is build a soft load for steel on 180 then switch to heavier 200 , keep the same charge and have a major load for matches. Trying to get the best out of wash without having to adjust the powder charge for ease of use.
  14. Checked my OAL and it’s 1.129. Same as some factory ammo that I have. Going to load some and take to range today see how soft they are. In southwest AZ (Phoenix) I’ll borrow my buddy’s chrono and see what the power factor is for both the 180 and 200
  15. On a side note, I though I was the only fool up trying to reload this early. ?
  16. Winchester WSF. Came with my 650 when I picked it up here in the valley. Running it as I have 10lbs. The factory load data says 5.2gr for 180 nothing for 200. I’ve sweetspotted at 4.5 for the 180. Shoots soft with fast sight recovery have really shaved some time off my stages. Have loaded at 4.2 and gun still ran, below 4.0 she won’t cycle back to battery.
  17. Did a forum search and nothing popped up. Running 180gr fmj flat nose, Loaded 4.7grs of powder and a OAL of 1.018 in my TSO. I Am switching to 200gr flat nose fmj. Do I need to drop the powder to maintain the same power factor? Not sure what the extra bullet weight will change? Figured I would ask defore loading up a batch of 20 at different weights to see what ran the best.
  18. Will the Safariland fit the CZ TSO??

  19. I shoot a TSO now and interested, need a pic please.

  20. Still have the 40cal bullets available?


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