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  1. I run this setup in my spare 550 and decap everything I reload with it...5.56 to 44mag with no issues. Broke a few Lee pins on swaged in 5.56 primers and went to the Squirrel Daddy pins and haven't looked back.
  2. Actually Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace turned up quite a few small apartment sized machines for less than $75 in my area. All are MUCH larger than the FART.
  3. Appreciate the info. Unique is smokey so I'm open to options. I load long at 1.150 which feeds great in my 1911 and my son's G35. I'm going to check with local reload supplier and see what he has in 1 lb so I can experiment.
  4. Pc70

    Competition Magazines

    I watched a guy with an extended base pad at the match today drop his mag and the base pad and everything in the mag went flying. So no nothing is foolproof....it comes down to the amount risk you are willing to expose yourself to at a match. My son and I do this for fun and don't worry who is faster or slower than we are....its about how well we can personally do. I'm willing to try the ETS.
  5. Actually, without doing swab tests I was probably exposed to more at the match today than I would see with the deep water wash and two rinses. To each their own. Proof of concept was done. I'm sure a small apartment clothes washer could be had cheaper than a F.A.R.T. if I was too concerned and that may actually happen to keep SWMBO from killing me.
  6. Thanks, there is a Michaels just down the road.
  7. Eman what bullet are you pushing? I currently use Unique pushing a 180 RN hardcast lead for my major load and Clays under a 155 for minor. One of my shooting buddies told me to switch to Titegroup when my Unique is all gone but now you have me curious about Sport Pistol. I like cheaper since my son and I shoot quite a bit.
  8. The experiment worked better than anticipated. I wonder where I can find burlap. Little 1 to 5 pound capacity sacks so the spin cycle can balance. I bet a trip through the dryer would be great and that saves me the price of a dedicated wet tumbler with short dry time.
  9. She is Irish, Syrian, and a Redhead.....I’m sure using her pillow cases will be fine.
  10. Pc70

    Competition Magazines

    What makes the ETS mag problematic? I have no trouble buying my son OEM mags and good bases and springs, but I am curious what the deal is with ETS. I have time as he shoots production right now and was curious about limited with his Glock.
  11. I started with a 450 in the mid-80s which has now been upgraded one piece at a time to a full 550 and picked up a second 550....One is small primer and the other is large primer. Simplifies my life.
  12. I will remember this thread if my bullet supplier goes out of business. He is 10 minutes from my house and a stocking dillon dealer. Back on subject, did the second shipment arrive in good condition?
  13. It worked (mostly). I need to find a tougher bag to put the brass in since the brass wore holes through all 3 bags and spit brass out in the washing machine. Good thing I went to check and SWMBO didn't see it. The brass is now on a towel to dry but it's CLEAN inside and out. Maybe a small burlap sack would hold up. Before and After pics.
  14. The first bag is in the washer now.....triple bagged. We will know shortly how it works.
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