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  1. I load either 180gr RN lead for major in my 1911 and 2011 or 155gr RN for minor in my son’s Glock for production. Both from Mastercast in Enon Valley PA and NEVER a feeding issue unless there is an issue with the brass like a bulge from not taking the press a full stroke (he is 14 and just learning so mistakes happen).
  2. Hmmm I didn't think about the dryer......
  3. Thanks for the part numbers. You just saved me from measuring the tubes and looking for that size tubing. I was going to get some tubing for more tubes anyway and was thinking about the Vibra Prime (BTW it's $39.69 at Vizard's https://vizardsgunsandammo.com/f-a-vibra-prime-automatic-primer-tube-filler/ ) to speed up the process as it takes me 2 minutes to fill one tube manually. I love this forum for the info it has to offer.
  4. As others have said Tripp mags are great. I use them in Limited 10 in my 1911 and only had one hiccup that was remedied by calling Tripp. I also have used Wilson, Mc Cormick, Mec-Gar and others. The best mags are the ones that run in your gun. I have some mags in a drawer that I wouldn't compete with but they are fine for plinking. As always YMMV.
  5. So just to get this back on topic, I talked to a buddy of mine in the Dallas area who actually works at a testing lab (he is the reason I will NEVER eat a mcnugget) and was told point blank....walking down a busy roadway exposes me to to more harmful chemicals due to the dust kicked up than what I proposed. BUT I do take the sentiment to heart and rest assured I don't plan on this being no more than the proof of concept it was and will be buying an apartment washing machine off Craigslist. Given the amount of automobile work I have done over the years including when Asbestos was us
  6. My septic system went the way of the do-do bird a long time ago. It's public now. Same place my greasy, brake dust, welding slag covered coverall wash water goes.
  7. I run this setup in my spare 550 and decap everything I reload with it...5.56 to 44mag with no issues. Broke a few Lee pins on swaged in 5.56 primers and went to the Squirrel Daddy pins and haven't looked back.
  8. Actually Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace turned up quite a few small apartment sized machines for less than $75 in my area. All are MUCH larger than the FART.
  9. Appreciate the info. Unique is smokey so I'm open to options. I load long at 1.150 which feeds great in my 1911 and my son's G35. I'm going to check with local reload supplier and see what he has in 1 lb so I can experiment.
  10. I watched a guy with an extended base pad at the match today drop his mag and the base pad and everything in the mag went flying. So no nothing is foolproof....it comes down to the amount risk you are willing to expose yourself to at a match. My son and I do this for fun and don't worry who is faster or slower than we are....its about how well we can personally do. I'm willing to try the ETS.
  11. Actually, without doing swab tests I was probably exposed to more at the match today than I would see with the deep water wash and two rinses. To each their own. Proof of concept was done. I'm sure a small apartment clothes washer could be had cheaper than a F.A.R.T. if I was too concerned and that may actually happen to keep SWMBO from killing me.
  12. Thanks, there is a Michaels just down the road.
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