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  1. Hello Mikamarj,

    We are currently addressing  your Powder Measure issue and we should have a solution for you soon.  This is a isolated problem, and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  2. Just wanted to correct this as a mistake was made in the heat of excitement and needed to remedy this debacle. The mistake was on us for mixing up the powder check with low primer alert in your initial inquiry, we apologize for the conundrum that has caused you. We will fix this for you if you purchased this sensor in error and once again sorry for the mix up. Mark 7 Team
  3. Yes sir that is a requirement for access at this time.
  4. Hello You Reloading Fiends! We have disbanded the facebook group and since created our own Digital Community Forum for our Mark 7 Users to share tips, stories, and get help from other reloader using the same set-ups and all that other good stuff you desired from our facebook group. Here is the link for any of our Mark 7 Users should they require it: https://www.mark7community.com -Mark 7 Team
  5. Good Morning, Just wanted to clear some air here that mark 7 uses its own design and that it is not a Hornady powder measure. Also could you recommend to us where you heard this so we can correct this there as well please sir? Thank you, Mark 7 Team
  6. We over here at Mark 7 are most assuredly still producing Evolution's and have no plan to stop anytime soon. We are just not taking any new order's to focus on our previous order's at this time. Also we have a good relationship with shooters connections as they are our dealer and we enjoy having them as such, so there is no disdain for one another and look forward to making more orders for them. At this time we are not aware of any orders that were cancelled after they were paid for prior to us putting a halt on future orders to fulfill back orders first. Mark 7 Team
  7. Good Morning, Just reaching out to correct some mis-information about this trade-in program we are offering here at Mark 7. We are indeed accepting a complete working 1050 press for evaluation of up to $1500 credit towards a Revolution order and this comes directly from Jay this morning over coffee and bullets. -Mark 7 Reloading Team
  8. Keep your eyes peeled for videos of Evolution and Evolution Pro as they are out there, and more go out every month.
  9. Here's a few for Revo: https://www.instagram.com/rangeisclear_com/ http://www.rangeisclear.com/installing-mark-7-revolution/
  10. The current leads times will get shorter as we build up more production capability, but we are working hard to get over the initial hump in production! Please contact us for updates, we will be providing updates as shipping dates get closer as well.
  11. Morning, Hey did you hear that?? Sounds like the powder check die on your manual press warning you, might want to go check it out. The sensor on the auto drive system stops the press and on our manual press it gives off an audible warning to alert you. We look forward to your purchase today Thank You, Mark 7 Reloading Team
  12. Good Morning, Just wanted to reach out and let you know that if you would like to see where your spot is to call: 1-888-462-7577 or email Dan our customer experienced director at dan@markvii-loading.com and he will give you an update. Thank You, Mark 7 Reloading Team
  13. Hello Mr. Rohowetz, Just wanted to reach out to apologize for your frustration with our support. We understand that you have reached out to us via email multiple times but our records show 3 total inquires. 2 of them (via email) dating back to December 4th, 2017 in which you were needing account set-up and our support staff helped get your account created, but received no response further after asking for your full shipping/billing to complete account details(We believe we either contacted you or you contacted us to verify the full details the following day December 5th 2017). After setting up your account we haven't received any other inquiry on our records except on January 17th, 2018 in which a number that is identified with your account called and left no voicemail for us to respond too. You can reach out to us again if you like as we are here in the office 9am thru 5pm EST Monday thru Friday either via: 1. Email (markviiloading@gmail.com), 2. Our traditional support line (https://www.markvii-loading.com/Traditional-Support_ep_75-1.html) with which you sign into your account, click on the tab labeled "Support", then a select traditional support which will bring you to an inquiry form to fill out so it goes into our database for our support team to then address accordingly, 3. Give us a ring at 1-888-462-7577 and if we miss your call please leave a voicemail with a message outlining your issue/needs so the correct department can address your inquiry accurately. We over here at Mark 7 hope to hear from you so we can resolve any issues you are having or answer any questions you might have. Thank You, Mark 7 Reloading Team
  14. Hey there, We do offer multiple caliber conversion kits that you can switch on and off the press for the desired bullet you wish to create. If give you us a ring at 1-888-462-7577 and click for sales, they will be able to get you sorted out with everything you would need including the addition of different caliber conversion kits with the evolution manual press. Thank You, Mark 7 Reloading Team
  15. Top of the Morning to ya good sir, We'd recommend removing the lube in a dry tumble with corncob media. Appreciate you reaching out to us, Mark 7 Reloading Team
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