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  1. Thank you SO much for chiming in. Things were crazy with the holidays and work so I haven't had the chance to get on here and respond. I ended up buying the Pro Core 9L on a good deal this past week. It sounds like trigger job/custom work > APEX kit. I have a local gunsmith I know that likes to tinker. Maybe I can give him the info you gave me and have him tune it. I'm guess the results will be much better than if I attempted. Thanks so much for the help and sharing that information.
  2. Thanks for the responses the Ghost looks great. Does the Red hill leave index marks though on the gun? I've heard the Red Hill can be pretty tight.
  3. Awesome thanks so much for your response I greatly appreciate it. Does it still hold it securely?
  4. Hi, I'm looking to get a couple holsters. One for an M&P core 9L (5" barrel model) to run in carry optics and one for a CZ tactical sport to run in Limited. I was leaning towards the Bladetech Black Ice holster for the m&p with the tech lok and the doh or maybe the boss hanger. Any other ones I should look into over this? For the CZ tactical sport I've read of several options, but I'm wondering is there an option that doesn't scuff up the gun? I spent a lot on this thing and I know I can't keep it 100% pristine, but I would like to take care of it as its the second nicest pistol I own second to my custom 1911. Is there a race style holster or really any style holster suitable for the Tactical Sport that won't jack up the finish but will still retain the gun? Thanks
  5. I've been shooting USPSA for a few months now and am having a blast. I've been switching off between Production and Limited. I'd like to dabble in carry optics. I have a trijicon rmr I got on a deal that is itching to be put on a pistol. I'm leaning towards the S&W m&p. I like the feel of the grip, low bore axis, etc. Its a comfortable gun. I shot a local guy's at a steel match. He had a dot on his Core pro 9L (long slide version) and he had an apex FSS trigger kit in it. Wow one of the best striker triggers I've felt. I have since researched that the FSS would sadly not be carry optic legal for USPSA. So I'm trying to figure out how to proceed. Seems the Apex CAEK or DCAEK with the stock m&p trigger should drastically improve the trigger but I would love to hear people's opinions. One person said the DCAEK made it more of a DA rolling break type trigger whereas the CAEK had more of the two stage crisp feel and of course was lighter of the two. Anyone with the DCAEK care to comment on the trigger feel and how crisp? How does the trigger reset feel after installing either the Apex DCAEK or CAEK? One thing I dislike about the stock m&p trigger is the lack of audible and tactile reset. I have however heard you can bend the trigger bar and get a better feeling/close to glock style reset. The reset issue brings me to the m&p m2.0 I felt the trigger on an m2.0 and it was definitely much better than the stock m&p trigger on the last gen. But sadly they don't make a stinking core model in the m2.0 Would it be worth it to go the m2.0 route and get the slide milled for my RMR? Finally, in the case of any of the above options, being that I'm new to m&p pistols, is it possible to reduce/eliminate over travel with any internal mods? Also I was leaning towards long slide versions of whichever m&p for more weight and because I like big guns. But now I'm wondering if maybe the standard length barrel would be better since I don't gain any sight radius advantage with a dot and the higher weight mass of the long slide might cause more greater recoil due to the heavier mass? Thoughts? Oh also, does anyone know if this pro model of the core would be carry optic legal if the ported barrel was replaced with a normal barrel? I felt the trigger on it and its smoother and has no over travel. Still has the reset feel issue though. https://www.lipseys.com/itemdetail.aspx?itemno=SM11997
  6. I purchased a brand new 650 from a local guy selling it for a deal. Thanks everyone for the input. Not I just have to decide how much to trick it out. Definitely going to get the powder alarm that measures the powder in the case. Seen too many squibs and seen a real bad double charge blow someone gun up and hurt them so I don't want to mess around with the wrong amount of powder. Leaning towards doing the case feeder right off the bat. Anyone have suggestions for the best media tumbler? Scale? Whatever scale I get I'd like it be super accurate to use with a single stage press for precision rifle.
  7. I've made my choice to go with the 650. I really don't want to jump into anything more complicated than that as a first timer. Maybe down the road I can go the 1050 route but I think the 650 will suite me well. Found a local guy selling one brand new in the box for $530 which saves me $50 plus shipping and it comes with the 9mm conversion which is what I would have ordered. Of course I'll still need to order the dies, case feeder, stand, and any other goodies.
  8. Cool thanks everyone. Guess I need to pony up for the 650
  9. I have a stock CZ Tactical Sport and the trigger is simply amazing. But I imagine a tuned CZ would have a nice double action trigger.
  10. Wow sounds like the 650 is an overwhelming suggestion. While I do like to save $$, I could swing the 650 and would rather buy the right thing the first time. Its been the complexity that has held me back. If the machine runs fast but always needs tinkered with I question the time I would really save. Those of you running 650's. How often are you tinkering with it to keep it running?
  11. Thanks for the comments. Guess I just need to settle on a gun and stick with it and practice. Thanks
  12. I recently started shooting USPSA and am hooked. In addition to shooting USPSA twice a month, I shoot a bowling pin pistol match 1-2 times a month, and steel plates every week. Altogether I'm blowing through 300-500 rounds every week. I would like to get into reloading to help feed my shooting addiction and to make some softer rounds and be more competitive. I've reloaded a couple times with my uncle so I'm decently familiar with the process. 95% of my shooting is 9mm, the other 5% makes up 45 ACP and long range rifle. The long range rifle I plan to get a single stage press for. I would like to get a Dillon progressive press for pistol since I'm going through so much ammo. I'm having a tough time deciding which Dillon to get. Everyone I talk to seems to have different suggestions. Basically I see these 3 as being options and am curious what you all think I should choose for my situation: Square Deal B: Pros: -auto index is faster -auto index prevents double charge -simple design while having auto index Cons: -unique dies that only work on that machine -only works on pistol in the rare case I wanted to reload mass AR rounds down the line. Don't foresee that at this point. 550: Pros: -manual indexing in some ways appeals to me because if something goes wrong I don't get super confused with the auto indexing, but you trade off speed -simple progressive process and I definitely like simple Cons: -manual indexing is slower and poses possible double charge if not paying attention 650: Pros: -with all the upgrades like case feeder, etc. this is probably the fastest of the 3 -Built in integration for things like powder level checker Cons: -complex -My uncle's 650 always seemed to have something act up every so often and then it was a big headache to figure it out Kind of leaning towards the 550 for the simplicity, but will I regret the manual index down the line being that I shoot a whole lot? Also any suggestions for a good reloading book that covers a broad range of bullets? Thanks
  13. Thank you both for the responses. That is truly unfortunate. Kind of puts DA/SA shooters at a disadvantage especially when you could just run a Walther PPQ with nearly as good of a trigger and not have any safeties or DA pulls. Bummer. Well I'll have to decide if I want to train around DA or not. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm pretty new to USPSA. Only been shooting it for about 3 months now. I'm currently shooting a glock 17 in production but am considering moving to a hammer fired gun, potentially a USP, because I love shooting my USP and do much better with it than a glock. I've heard if you have a DA/SA gun you have to decock the gun and start with your first shot as a DA pull. However I'm wondering if this rule applies to DA/SA guns that also have a manual safety? For instance the USP has both a manual safety and a decocker. Would I be able to run a USP in production cocked and locked with the manual safety on for start? Thanks
  15. Interesting, so would this trigger have the same problem then? https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/triggers/cz-75sa-tactical-sports-single-action-only-trigger-black-al.html What about this one? http://www.czub.cz/en/eu-eshop/pistole/spouste/spoust-pro-vetsi-ruce.html Thanks I'm excited to get it in! It seems like a fantastic gun! Congrats on beating all your family and friends haha. Bigger safety for something to rest your thumb or just to make it easier to flip off on start? I really like the stock rear sight since it acts as a charging handle. Just want to replace the front with a Fiber Optic if I can get away with it.
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