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  1. My Czechmate barrel is different than my 2011 9mm Major barrel, open gun. When doing a test to gage the OAL and using an empty case only that is .749 (right in the middle of the spec for case length,) the case head is higher than the barrel hood by .050". The depth from the top of the hood to the counter bore inside the barrel is .700". So when you add the two they are pretty much spot on at .749. CZ Customs says this is normal and the barrel hood does not contact the breach face. Is this what most are seeing with their Czechmate barrel?
  2. Kneelingatlas-what would you recommend for a 115 gr FMJ Precision Delta and WAC for my CZ Czechmate? Assuming I do nothing but run two different bullets and OAL?
  3. Thanks selecw. What reamer did you use, where did you get it? Think there are several reamers for 9mm?
  4. I think it is clear, I need to ream the CZ barrel. Funny I checked both JHP and Round nose at 1.165 and checked the CZ barrel drop test. (Not sure what it is called) and the JHP would not rotate when seated but the RN would. I put them at that length to see if the CZ mags would be any problem, not a problem at 1.175 OAL I think. Thanks for all of your help, all of you! Very useful information. Any thoughts on Magnum primers? I have been using on my 9mm minor and 40 cal limited.
  5. Thanks both Ahi and Kneelingatlas, I will see if the 1.160 will fit in the CZ Mags. Also try round nose, I have kept the Precision Delta RN for 9mm minor as I shoot and reload both. Makes it easier to tell if a bullet is major or minor. I have not tried a 115 gr yet. Have about 10 pounds of WAC so I would like to use this. I do have spacers in the MBX Mags for my CK Arms, I can take them out. Ahi what is your recommendation for a OAL CK Arms using WAC ?
  6. Probably been discussed many times before? I have a Czechmate and a CK Arms Open gun 9mm Major. The CK Arms will accept a OAL of 1.150 and the CZ a 1.135. I got this by dropping a 1.150 OAL bullet into the CK Arms chamber and it rotated. The CZ needed a 1.135 OAL to rotate. The 1.150 OAL I load to 7.0 Gr WAC, 124 Gr JHP, Small PP and assorted brass. About a 173 PF in my CK Arms. I want to load the same for both. Looking at loading 6.7 to 6.8 Gr WAC, 124 JHP. Small PP, assorted brass and would use for both. What are thoughts on this? Or should I go the other
  7. Hello all, Anyone shot 9mm major using magnum primers? I have been loading 7.0gr Auto Comp with 124 gr MGJHP to a COAL of 1.160". I have a bunch of CCI 550 small pistol Magnum primers back fro the recent time when primers were hard to find. Would like to use if possible. Thoughts anyone? Appreciate your time. Jim
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