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  1. i loaded up my first test rounds. the lighter loads had a few failures to eject, so i'm going to work 5.4 gr to 6.0 gr and see how they do for accuracy. glock 30 summers swc nlg hi-tek 200 gr bullet (0.124" oal) asp powder 5.0 gr Average: 761.3 FPS SD: 32.0 FPS Min: 709 FPS Max: 810 FPS Spread: 101 FPS 5.2 gr Average: 795.8 FPS SD: 29.1 FPS Min: 731 FPS Max: 824 FPS Spread: 93 FPS 5.4 gr Average: 836.3 FPS SD: 9.7 FPS Min: 820 FPS Max: 850 FPS Spread: 30 FPS 5.6 gr Average: 860.0 FPS SD: 15.4 FPS
  2. i almost have all of the things to start .45 over asp and have two summer's hy-tek bullets, 200gr swc and 233gr rn. i bet i've loaded 20k of hi-tek 9mm over asp, hoping for the same consistent results i've had with nine. does the dillon seating die keep the same oal when flipping from swc to rn? or does this make any difference? what kind of velocity should i seek/expect out of a glock 30 for gssf?
  3. the black squares are for quick change plates (mec 600 jr, single stage, swager, vice, etc), my ultramount will be on the right side for the 550.
  4. after doing my research, i settled on this urethane. it was brilliant to apply, and should be rock hard when it's cured. it's along the same lines as what wood floor refinishers use; when we had our floors done, we couldn't use those rooms for three weeks (it was a perfect time for a european vacation!)
  5. haha, thanks, but i don't need someone else's wife ready to strangle me in addition to my own--i've been talking building a sturdy bench for a couple years, and i'm over a month into this. three weeks of cure time on the urethane is killing me right now.
  6. i'm putting the finishing touches on my new reloading bench and i went with a 24" x 8' workspace, with cubby holes 8" deep at the back of the bench. i have an inlinefabrication QC ultramount for my primary press, then have QC flush mounts for other presses and accessories. pictures in a few weeks after the urethane cures.
  7. seconded on the uniquetek. one thing i'm doing is when i label the loaded rounds, i do bullet weight-powder-micrometer setting, so i can dial in the change in powder when i change bullet weights.
  8. i only use summers 145g .357" these days. perfect with ASP. great prices, donny is a pleasure to do business with.
  9. i use the uniquetek/whidden with the toolhead clamp with great results on my 550
  10. summers 145 gr .357" with 3.5 gr ASP, 925 fps (134 PF) out of a glock 19 here.
  11. i'm a ASP guy--single digit SDs under summer's 145gr/.357"
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