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  1. BE-86 is about as universal as you can get for handgun.
  2. I have shot about 5 lbs of Titegroup with a Summers coated bullet and never a problem. However, I switched to Sport Pistol because it was a much cooler burning powder. But you shouldn't have any problem with those powders.
  3. I made a chute for mine to catch the rounds. I agree that the 650/750 should come with the case feeder. I loaded with mine for about a year with out one. I made an extension on the tube that would hold forty 9mm. It seemed that I was spending more time loading that than loading rounds. I finally broke down and got the case feeder. Money well spent.
  4. I loaded 130 with the Power Pistol and shot them Saturday. With the same bullet as I use in the Sport Pistol load (890 FPS), the PP load was 10 FPS faster. However, the PP had quiet a bit more recoil. The SP load shoots super soft and the PP is a good bit snappier. I'm sticking with Sport Pistol on this load.
  5. I've shot a bunch with the 3.2 of Sport Pistol and they shoot great. I started on a new load with Power Pistol but it got too dark today and my chronograph wouldn't work. I'll resume tomorrow.
  6. Try rotating the cardboard 90 or shoot another type of paper. What you're seeing could be the "grain" of the cardboard causing it to tear that way.
  7. Maybe I should check on mine. I ordered about 8 weeks ago and no bullets yet. I got the order confirmation but no shipping confirmation.
  8. I've shot truck loads of coated lead through a stock GLOCK barrel with no problems. My current load is a 145 coated Summers at 890fps. I was using BE-86 but I have since switched to Sport Pistol.
  9. It's the OD of the head of the shoulder bolt. The first one I made was .750 ID and was a little big. My final size was 1.5 OD and .7 ID.
  10. Yeah, it's just a point of friction and completely smooths out the shellplate indexing. I tried cutting the detent spring, changing the detent ball to nylon, adding the thrust bearing, adding grease to the thrust bearing... It all helped, but this seems to have fixed it. Granted, I've only loaded 1600 like this, but so far we're grand
  11. Like most, I've had an issue with the shell plate jerking into position. I've tried several fixes including the thrust bearing. Here is the best solution that I've found. A thin piece of leather, 1/16" thick that I cut on a laser. It works great! My prototype was felt and it worked good, but not this good. I removed the thrust bearing and everything is back factory with the added leather washer. Barney purple was all I had but I'm rolling with it!
  12. Titegroup is dirty but what I disliked most about it was how hot the gun got. I switched over to Sport Pistol and I'm happy. The gun is noticeably cooler and much cleaner.
  13. I got one a few months ago from the IPSC store in Estonia. No problems and shipping was quick.
  14. I used the one from Outer Impact on my 17L. It was problem free for 3 1/2 years then I got a Gen 5 17 MOS. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again.
  15. I can't shoot 1 1/2 at 50 yards and I'm sure the guns without that guarantee would outshoot 99% of the people anyway.
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