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  1. As far as I've understood the IPSC rules, only 2 types of guns are defined, external hammer, and everything else. from the prod appendix in rulebook The alien doesnt have an external hammer, it has an internal hammer, therefore it doesnt have to be decocked. but is limited to 1.36kg SA trigger pull, while the DA guns can go as low as possible.
  2. Does anyone know if it uses standard size "bushing hole" in slide? Do you think it will be possible to retrofit a regular shadow 2 I mean?
  3. so did you yanks get this before us europeans? a detailed comparison/ransom rest would be interesting.
  4. my stock 3 had this issue with s&b ammo. it ran fine on fiochhi, but once I switched to s&b it started choking. I replaced the spring with wolff XP no mods to extractor or anything. It mangled the brass a little, and was slower to feed in the beginning, but after some 500+ rounds it runs fine.
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