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  1. I brought it to gunsmith and he said it was the headspace. After he fixed it, I ran 300 rds and it worked great, no jam. Thank you everyone for your help.
  2. I take the recoil spring and guide rod out and manually cycle the gun. It feeds and ejects the round perfectly. When I put the recoil spring and guide rod back, it will have issue throwing the round out. Is it because the slide is not traveling fast enough by hand when recoil spring is in?
  3. I put together a 2011, tested the gun with snap caps and it feeds and ejects fine. I could pull the trigger with no problem. I then lubed the gun and went to the range. I loaded one round from magazine but the trigger was stuck. I ejected the round and removed the magazine, put another one in the chamber and closed the slide. Same thing, cannot pull the trigger. I picked up a spent casing from the floor and put it in. I have no problem pulling the trigger. The casing I picked up was too tight and it was stuck. I could cock the gun and pull the trigger. Since it was stuck I went back home to get the casing out. It seems that casing was just too tight. I whacked the back of the gun and the slide opened. I had to pry the casing out. I have two questions; 1. What do you think the problem might be? I think I am sure that I held the grip safety tight and thumb safety was off. Is there any other part that might be blocking the trigger? 2. I think the casing should be pulled out by the extractor when I hit it hard. But the casing was still stuck inside. The slide just opened. The hook did not have enough force to catch it and pull it out. My question is, if I fire a round in this gun, is it going to be so tight that it cannot be pulled out? Do I need to check my extractor or is it just a super tight casing fired from another gun? Thank you.
  4. I put 5 snap caps in and i didn't see feeding issue. Just some ejecting issues occasionally and the last round is FTE. .
  5. Thanks. It is just a standard 2011. I think the mag might be touching the ramp causing the issue. I haven't got a chance to look at it right now but I will when I get back home.
  6. I started building a 2011 and with the help of the board members I have finished most of it. I have a couple questions:> 1. I have an extended ejector. When I put some snap caps in the magazine and try to load it, most of time it ejects fine but there is always issue when it comes down to the last round. It seems that the round was stuck between the ejector and the barrel. Does it mean I should file down the tip of the ejector a little? The barrel is NW ramped barrel. The ramp protrudes into the frame a little but I don't have feeding issue. Do I need to file the ramp to be flush 2. How do I clean up the gun? Is there any easy way to get rid off lapping compound in tiny corners? How do I polish the outside of the gun? There are some scratches and marks. If I am going to get it coated, do I need to polish it before sending it out? Thank you.
  7. never mind. resolved. sorry about that.
  8. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your help.
  9. Hello everyone, I am new to this and I am trying to fit sti slide to sti frame. I have a couple questions: 1. It looks like the bottom of the slide has too much material ( you can see a small gap in the first picture ) How do I manually remove material from the bottom of the slide? Is there a jig for this? I have the matrix precision jig but my file sticks out too much. I can try to modify the matrix precision jig but I want to see if there is any other option. 2. in the second picture, there is a small step under the rail. What is that for? The slide will move up a little when it travels backwards. Should this step be filed down? Can I remove the material from here horizontally instead of removing from the bottom of the slide? Thank you for your help.
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