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  1. Hey All, I have a new G5 34. It is extremely hard to rack the slide and eject a round when there is a round in the chamber. The slide moves easily enough but the round does not want to release from the extractor as easily as it does on all my other Glocks. That round wants to stay in there. The gun has been sent back to Glock and I had two armorers look at it at Glock days. Big Glock replaced the slide stop and recoil spring () and said all was well. The armorers agreed that it was tough but it’s because Glock has cut the slide differently now and there is a groove on the opposite side of the extractor that holds “the round better” than previous editions. The armorers think it will get better with more shooting. When I first received the gun it would not eject the brass because it was caught underneath the groove and extractor. After almost 200 rounds of it being a single shot it runs like a champ. But it’s still extremely hard to eject a round by hand. My question is has anyone else seen this in their new G5’s? Glock says only the new updated 5s have the new groove so it isn’t all G5’s. Thanks for your feedback.
  2. You must be forgetting to lube your holster. Try axle grease. Good to hear Sig is interested in fixing this.
  3. Practice on AR15 grips. They are cheap.
  4. Did you dremel down (reduce) the grip any? What epoxy did you use? Looks great!
  5. What rowdyB said is correct. It’s easy. AR grips are cheap to practice on. I’ve also used blocks of wood and pieces of pipe. It’s like a school art project but for adults.
  6. Babayaga

    23 round mags?

    That’s odd. I get 23 in all my mags. The last one is a tight fit but it does go in and locks into place so I can start 23+1.
  7. This! And try gripping the gun harder.
  8. I have the one with the extended button on it. Love it except for loaded table starts. I haven’t perfected what technique I’m gonna use yet. It probably doesn’t help that I have the TXG grip. Right now I just grab it like the claw that picks up stuff animals in the machines at the supermarket.
  9. Can you run a 40 on the TXG? When I got my grip it came with a warning statement that said to only run it with 9. Any one know?
  10. I didn’t find any extra wiggle room with the Grams at all. I actually pulled it and am saving it for when it’s time to replace springs.
  11. Any one know what a silicone carbide grip job will add to the weight of an X5 grip? I just got my TXG module and wanted to silicone carbide it but I don’t want to be over for CO.
  12. Babayaga

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is that your dye job? If so how long did you dye it for and what colors?
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