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  1. It take 6 months 99% of the time.
  2. Babayaga

    P320 X5 Thread

    I’ll take it off your hands cheap if you wanna dump it.
  3. Do you mean there is more room so it makes for easier/reliable reloads? I didn’t find that to be the case. For some reason with the Grams follower the magazine had less give than with the OEM follower and spring. I know it doesn’t make sense. Maybe my mags are weird.
  4. The TT+2 extensions on the 21 round Sig mags gets you 23 rounds. If you try to slap a Grams follower in it you are wasting $20 cuz you still will only be able to get 23 in. Tried and tested.
  5. I did the same thing when I first got them. Then the lightbulb clicked on. Felt stupid for a few minutes.
  6. I wouldn’t think any modification would be needed. I just checked mine and there is a little extra room, not much, maybe a weak 1/8 of an inch play in the mag extension. The only snafu I ran into was the last coil of the spring got caught between the extension and the mag the first time I put them on. I couldn’t get it to do it just now though. I will have my mags Sunday if you are shooting and you want to check them out. Call TT and they will set it right if there is something wrong.
  7. Sweet deal on the holsters. Tarans are great. Great customer service too.
  8. Babayaga

    P320 X5 Thread

    The Tarans hold one more round than Springers unless you get the grams follower for the Springers. Tarans are also easier to take on and off. Also I think you have to modify the mags to accept the Springers (I cant remember if it’s the 17 or 21 round mags).
  9. Babayaga

    P320 X5 Thread

    Taran Tacticals should fit
  10. GG is nice enough to give extras to cut down on people’s headaches (probably theirs too) cuz springs tend to go flying. Alma Cole has an awesome video out. Be aware some FCUs don’t have the safety lever spring. You don’t want to be looking for a lost spring that isn’t there.
  11. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    This has been confirmed. TTI w/Grams follower in the 21 round mag will only get you 23.
  12. I wanted to play in CO about a year ago just cuz I wanted to build a gun with a red dot. I was having fun but didn’t know if it was I wanted to do all the time. Around the same time I noticed my far vision had pooped the bed and went to the eye doc. He fixed my far vision with contacts/glasses but my eyes could no longer see my irons if I was wearing my contacts/glasses. Talk about a kick to the stones. I thought that only happened to people that were old. Father Time sucks. CO is now my “favorite” division. On a side note our club has seen a huge jump in the CO division. A year ago it was me and one other shooter consistently. Now it’s our biggest division.
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