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  1. Babayaga

    Limited Divs to Carry optics?

    I wanted to play in CO about a year ago just cuz I wanted to build a gun with a red dot. I was having fun but didn’t know if it was I wanted to do all the time. Around the same time I noticed my far vision had pooped the bed and went to the eye doc. He fixed my far vision with contacts/glasses but my eyes could no longer see my irons if I was wearing my contacts/glasses. Talk about a kick to the stones. I thought that only happened to people that were old. Father Time sucks. CO is now my “favorite” division. On a side note our club has seen a huge jump in the CO division. A year ago it was me and one other shooter consistently. Now it’s our biggest division.
  2. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

  3. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    Someone does in our club. TTI says it fits the 140 mark and their stuff is muy bueno. Ill let ya all know.
  4. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    I’ve bit the bullet and ordered some TTI +2 Mag ext. and my buddy ordered an extra Grams follower so I will report the results. Fingers crossed.
  5. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    No worries Chenault. We all make mistakes. Thanks for trying to help
  6. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    Chenault-I’m sorry but I’m old and slow and not understanding. Are you starting with the Sig 320 21rd mags (the X-five mags)? And which mag extension are you using from Springer? They have 2 different ones that make the 140mm mark depending on whether it’s a 17 or 21rd mag to start. Ones a +2 and the other is a +5. I’ve attached a couple of photos of what I’m looking at. Thanks again.
  7. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    Chenault-Thanks. Which springer extension, the +2 on the 21 RD mags? And is that 24+1? And can you load the mag on a closed slide and everything is copacetic?
  8. Babayaga

    TTI +2 basepads

    Has anyone tried the TTI+2 basepads with a Grams follower kit on the 21 round 320 mags? What I’m trying to achieve is 24+1 capacity and I don’t know if I’m chasing a pipe dream. If I do my math right 21+2 gets me 23 and the Grams kit should get me to 24. Am I nucking futs? And if this is possible is it a loadable mag on a closed slide? I don’t want to have to beat the mag into the gun. Thanks all.
  9. The little manual that came with the Romeo 1 says 30 inch pounds. That’s what I went with and if ever asked by sig that’s what I’m stating.
  10. Babayaga

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    I’m in the same category as you. Ziplocks for pistol matches and plinking ammo so I can see how much I have. For my long range rifles it goes in mtm boxes.
  11. Babayaga

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    Forget I asked. I watched the above video on the ELS belt. Has any used it on double alpha gear?
  12. Babayaga

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    How does this work with the Velcro? I like the idea.
  13. Babayaga

    Romeo1 Shroud

    I wonder too. thanks for the responses
  14. Babayaga

    Romeo1 Shroud

    Is the shroud for the R1 worth getting? I just got my R1 and love it. I’ve heard and read that the glass sometimes takes a beating from the brass. Will the shroud help with that? Will the shroud work on an X5/R1 setup?
  15. Babayaga

    P320x5 Carry Optics

    I have always run the 6moa rmr. I thought that was the bees knees until I mounted a R1 6moa on my new X-Five. Holy cow, what a difference. I would lose my dot occasionally in the rmr. The R1 is awesome! It’s probably not as durable as an rmr but for USPSA matches it will be just fine. I shot 2 matches with the X5/R1 and I was beating people that I have never beat before.