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  1. Regardless of the brand pistol primers you are using the POF trigger is made for an AR-15 rifle caliber.. It is made to set off rifle primers which are harder.
  2. Absolutely. Every time unless you have a bad primer.
  3. Been running POF triggers in 2 Guns every weekend and they have been 100% flawless. They feel fantastic as well. I still believe they are the absolute best triggers for the money.
  4. This weekend I actually pulled the hood off of the optic and shot it without it. I think I'm a keep it that way. I really liked it. And I do not need that titanium protective cover over my optic because I'm not throwing it in any barrels LOL
  5. The 510 is $239 on ebay right now. 1 left
  6. No reason for it to not be. I've gotten lucky buying them off of eBay on sale plus eBay has been having a bunch of discounts lately. I paid 229 for my last one.
  7. I only shoot BBI coated bullets in everything. No issues at all as long as you DO NOT crimp them. Crimp should be .380 which is just closing the bell from seating the projectile
  8. Makes sense. Yeah I don't see them on their sight anymore.
  9. I've made several purchases from Cajun Gun Works and did not even realize they sold magwells. I will definitely look into that one, thanks.
  10. My son shoots my SP01 in USPSA Limited Minor. I currently have the thin aluminum grips, Mecgar 17mm mags and will be buying the TTI +4 basepads. Which magwell would you recommend with those basepads? I have no problem with cutting the grips or purchasing the shorter ones if I had to. Thanks in Advance.
  11. I have an awesome load for a Faxon 16" barrel with N320!!!! 1.085oal, 135grBBI, 3.1gr N320 for 129PF or 3.2gr N320 for 132 PF, .380 crimp(no crimp) I was at 3.7gr N320 on 115 grain projectiles but it did not feel nearly as good as 135gr.
  12. a little bit of both for me. As much as I love the elf trigger the first two completely failed on me and then once I got the ar9 I figured it was going to be perfect. It doubled on me once within the first 200 rounds and that just made me lose all confidence in it. I was shooting a super light steel challenge load and that could have been the problem but I didn't want to wait around and find out. The next day after it doubled I shot all of my 135 power factor USPSA loads and it did run flawlessly. Now I have the same trigger in three different guns and they do feel great so for me it was the best decision I could make
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