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  1. Hard to say what the "current status" is. Seems to be hit or miss. I've heard of some presses working just fine and I've heard of other presses struggling to get the issues worked out. I'm in the second camp. I've had my press for close to a year and it's not working now. It's had some periods of limping along with a stoppage every 50 rounds or so, and then other periods where it is just completely down. It's been back to M7 twice and will have to go back again. Every time it gets some new components and I hope it's going to start working and every time I've been disappointed. As everyone else says, the people at M7 are great to work with. It's just a slow process getting work approved so you wait long times for any step towards addressing problems.
  2. I had that problem too. The set screws couldn't adjust enough to come close to the sensor. There were two parts to the solution for me. First, there's an adjustment on the bottom that lets you reposition where the entire laser/sensor component is angled. Second, there's a spring inside the housing that holds the laser diode in place and it had become dislodged during shipping. Open up the housing with the two screws on the top, make sure the spring is seated properly, seat the laser on top of the spring and within the slots in the housing and screw the top back on. Between those two actions I got the laser reflecting back close enough that the set screws would adjust down to the sensor.
  3. Take a look at Harris & Sons. I don't know anything about their product quality, but the FF-20 may do what you're looking for, though it's pricy.
  4. It's caused by the powder drum rotating so quickly it doesn't fill fully, or consistently. The dwell won't impact it. How fast the press head moves down (and the drum rotates) is what changes the charge amount. The slower you run it the more the drum will fill with powder. I picked a speed I wanted to run at, set my charge accordingly, and always ran at that speed. Charges still varied up to .4 grain, but the variation was way higher when also switching between 1000rph and 2500rph. Apparently this is highly dependent on the type of powder you use. I think I read TiteGroup measures well with it. I'm using N320 and it does not measure consistently yet even with the most recent updates to the powder measure. I know they're working on it and have ideas about how to address it, so I expect eventually it'll improve.
  5. You're best off talking to the CS team of course, but here's one thing I'd check: did the bolt loosen that holds the primer rocker to the press? That can lead to problems including inconsistent primer depths. If that's not it, it's a pretty simple mechanism with the rod from the tool head engaging a rod under the shell plate to push one end of the primer rocker down and seating the primer on the other end. Make sure all those parts are moving fluidly and don't need lubrication.
  6. I think the people there are doing their best to work through the problems. I can't thank Misty, Dan and Anthony enough for the multiple times they've truly gone above and beyond to help me get my press working and the time all of their support team has spent helping me. The biggest issue is we are paying a lot to be beta testers for these presses. I always expect problems as an early adopter, but there are so many issues with the presses that customers are discovering for them that should have been found in QA before releasing the product. I think their team is now frantically trying to put out fires and get the machines working. I've had exceptional support from the CS team, and they're learning as they go. So while I'm not displeased with their support, I'm not happy with my experience with the machine. I've had it for six months and of that time I've been able to load with it maybe two months. The rest of the time either I was waiting for parts to come back from them or I was waiting for their help to resolve a show stopping issue. I believe it's an amazing machine and that they will get the problems resolved eventually, so I'll keep working with them to debug the problems one at a time. It's just a frustrating experience never knowing how long it will take before we can get it working again and then once it's fixed if I can rely on it to continue working.
  7. I'm experiencing the same thing. My powder measure has been back to Mark 7 twice, once for a whole month, and is still exhibiting the same behavior. To be fair, I do not expect to get the same accuracy with the automated press that I get with a progressive, but .4 grains is way more than I expect and also more than Mark 7 is happy with so they're continuing to work with me to diagnose the problem. With my 650 I always got 3.2 grains N320 every single time. With the Evo Pro I'd be happy with getting charges of 3.2-3.3 grains. I sent them a video of the powder measure in action and they have some ideas about what's going on so I expect soon they'll have some new corrections to try, and I hope we get a solution this time. It looks to me like the drum is actuating so fast that it's not filling fully and consistently. That would explain why I get higher charges when running at a slower speed. The problem does seem to depend on the powder used. Which powder are you using? When Mark 7 had my measure the last time they used Titegroup for their testing and were getting very consistent results with it. Do you get similar charges when running at 1000rph vs. 2500 rph? You're on the right path of working with their support to figure out what's going on. I think the company really does care about fixing the issues that many of us are encountering, though their response time after you email support could be better. I've waited over a week sometimes with no response until I finally contacted them again. It seems you're better off calling and working directly with one of their team.
  8. My experience has been the RF-100 isn't so reliable. If I run it unattended I get about 5% of the primers will be loaded upside down as they flip around when they're dropping into the tube. I have to run it as slow as it goes (about 2 primers/second) and watch every primer drop in the tube to catch any that go upside down. A couple other RF-100 owners I've talked to experience the same thing. Do you ever get upside down primers?
  9. The powder measure is my biggest problem with the Evo Pro. I've always gotten inconsistent charges. Mark 7 replaced my original powder measure and the new one is better, but at 1300 RPS I still get between up to .3gr variation with n320. If I increase the speed the variation increases even more. I've been working with support since I got the press on this problem and have been waiting for a week to hear any new suggestions to fix it. Does anyone else get differences with powder charges at different speeds? If I increase the speed the powder measure drops a smaller charge even with really long top and bottom dwells.
  10. Sorry, I take that back. I missed you were looking for .40 and there are only 9mm's on there now. I'd check back with by Gun Broker regularly though, it's my go-to for hard to find items. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. There are several available for sale on GunBroker.com right now.
  12. I don't do any processing other them tumbling. I let the Evo do the swageing. The processed brass I referred to came from someone else and I'm not sure if they swagged it or not. I've never noticed any crimped pockets so they may have been swagged. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Shoot Fast is my current favorite. Love the detailed discussion into the nuances of shooting USPSA. I like Ben Stoeger's new format for Practical Shooting After Dark. More than just Q&A now. Shannon Smith's Shooting Show is a good one. He discusses competing, putting on matches, and sometimes concealed carry. Short Course is also pretty good. Triangle Tactical is on hiatus, but worth subscribing to and checking out what he does when he comes back. I listened to a few episodes of Journey to Grand Master but it wasn't for me. Firearms Nation has interviews with top competitors sometimes, as does American Warrior Society (which is of course hosted by another top competitor Mike Seeklander). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I've done fewer than 1000 rounds in the Evo Pro and broke one of the Mighty Armory decapping pins already. The case feeder sent a 9mm case down the tube upside down. Digital clutch setting was at 3 and it stopped production, but not before the MA decapping pin broke right off. Fortunately they're easy to replace, just make sure you have spares. I'd prefer to run the Evo Pro with a lower clutch setting so it would stop before applying so much force with problems like this or when a bullet topples. With pre-processed brass (decapped, ultrasonic cleaned) I can get away with the clutch set at 2, but with brass that has only been tumbled the clutch stops it every ~10 cases just seating the primer.
  15. Thanks, that's a good idea. I don't think I have any dwell time programmed in right now. I'll try that out. Also, props for Mark 7's support policies and employees. Sean from their support team saw my post here about the variation in powder charges, and within hours reached out to me via email to get more info about what I was experiencing and to offer help. I mentioned in my earlier post how impressed I am with their support in the very limited time I've been working with them, and here's another example where they're really going above and beyond what you typically see. I have not purchased a priority support subscription, just a plain-old customer.
  16. I ordered my Evo Pro June 12th from Shooters Connection and received it earlier this week. It's setup now but I'm still getting things dialed in. Had some early problems with it stopping too often while priming, but that appears to be I had the clutch set too low. Previously I had it set to 2 for 9mm, now at 3 it's working fine (though when a bullet topples it really shoves it hard into the case.) My biggest issue right now is the powder measure is throwing up to half a grain of variation (3.0-3.5 gr of N320). I haven't had a chance to talk to Mark 7 about it yet, but so far they've really shown fantastic customer support.
  17. For those considering spending the extra money for the Revolution just to get an earlier ship date, make sure to check status at DAA and Shooters Connection. I ordered an Evolution Pro from Shooters Connection June 12th since they said they would ship in early July whereas Mark 7 estimated maybe August at that point. I just spoke with Shooters World yesterday and they expect to ship it to me next week. And as a bonus it was the original deal before Mark 7 increased the price by $300 and stopped including dies. Give 'em a call and see what their schedule looks like now.
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