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  1. Wow that's nuts. If you take them up on their offer let us know your opinion of the mag they send you.
  2. I did a quick check, the Brownells code for %10 off and free shipping did drop the price even though it's preorder/backorder. Brought the price down to $1,540 shipped, I didn't order but was curious.
  3. As long as it accepts chokes it should still be pretty useable you will just have to run a tighter choke since your velocity will be lower. Also if you put an RMR on it you will be bumping yourself to open with guys running magazine fed shotguns and those with tube fed guns have 12-14rd mag tubes that will be full at the start.
  4. I think the whole shotgun thing is blown out of proportion by those who want am excuse. Quad loading can be learned pretty quickly by someone who wants to learn how to do it. The shotgun itself is no more expensive than either of the other guns, I use a Stoeger m3k which can be had for $600, MOA sells an extension kit with follower for $92. At that point you have a competitive 3 gun shotgun that comes with 3 chokes so you can't complain about lack of choke options. Shell caddies are expensive, a caddy from Invictus Practical that holds 12rds is $100 and that is enough for most stages at a local match.
  5. If The Clinton House in SC is within your driving distance there is a Pro-Am happening next year. A true Pro-Am where they team up a Pro and an Am on a team together. The Pro will be able to coach the Am during the match and their scores will be combined for an overall team finishing order. Search 2020 Pro-Am 3 gun Championship on Fscebook for more details.
  6. I could see that happening sometime late next year or early 2021. Probably feel out the market with the Limited version first to see how the overall reception is then roll out other variants.
  7. With that info I'm glad I waited to order. Not falling free unless empty means they aren't of much use to me for practice and definitely of no use to me in a match.
  8. The mags just went live a little while ago and they have a 10% discount code available they sent with the e-mail announcement. I was excited about the 21rd mags but from the looks of the flat basepad we won't be able to attach any basepads to them and I'm weary of whether the glock basepads will clear an X5 magwell with the 17rd mags. The 21rd mags may still be useful for practice mags though, was hoping to add basepads to them though but that looks like it won't happen.
  9. I too am a bit worried about this. I plan on ordering 21rd mags and using glock +5/6 basepads and using them for practice only where the additional rounds per mag will be useful for getting more drills in without reloading mags. Another concern is using basepads on the 17rd mags with the X5 magwell. Once people do some experimenting to figure out which mag and basepad combos come to what lengths, then I'll order some to use for competition use.
  10. Asked ETS on a question about basepad compatibility on Arfcom and got this response. "Ok the short answer is that baseplates made for metal mags won’t work. To make poly mags we have to make an interface that is suitable for the material ie thicker.So our solution was to come up with a patent pending universal interface. All of our new 9mm mags take the same base plate. But to give you guys more aftermarket options we made this new interface so it would accept baseplates that fit glock mags. So if it fits a glock oem mag it will fit all of our mags. Plus, the new design is so strong that in drop testing our 30 round .45 mag never came apart even in 10ft drops on concrete. It was quite the violent impact. Poor mags Bottom line for you, the new sig 320 mags will work with glock baseplates."
  11. Rest your thumb on it and press/squeeze your thumb into it at a 45° angle. I noticed a pretty decent reduction in muzzle rise between pressing my thumb into it and resting my thumb next to it.
  12. There are 2 options, 1 with the grip weight and mag funnel, and 1 without those. The one without is cheaper.
  13. I watched that happen to a buddy at Blue Ridge last year, he ran all the way back through the stage to his range bag to grab his mag and then all the way back to the shooting position. Still didn't time out though.
  14. That is awesome to hear, I'm planning to pick up a couple of the 22rd mags and a couple of the 30rd mags when they start popping up online for sale. I'm really curious to what aftermarket base pads, if any, will fit on them. If the ones I get drop free easily and they take a basepad that will fit a 140mm gauge, then I'll pick up a few 17rd mags too for practice.
  15. So far it's looking pretty good, Farewell is 57th out of 425 in Open and Easter is 12th out of 88 in Standard. It's still really early on and I know not all of the stages have the same number of points but I believe both are in strong positions right now.
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