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  1. Don't tempt him, he loves to use Classic targets cut in half as rifle targets for his local 3 gun matches. I didn't shoot PCC Nationals but I would've much preferred a 52yd swinger over the 2 450yd paper targets we had to shoot at MG Nationals the weekend before.
  2. I shoot Limited Minor, I do so because 3 gun is my main game and USPSA is just shot as practice and fun so I use my 3 gun pistol. When I don't have any big 3 gun matches coming up I sometimes swap my slide for a red dot slide and play in CO.
  3. As an avid 3 gunner I like the idea. Only thing i don't like is restricting the l8ng range targets to 200yds and this is from someone who shoots Limited in 3 gun. For 200yds the most you'll likely need is a 3x magnifier which won't give much if any differences in rifle configurations between the divisions. 1-6+ won't be necessary, a 1-4x or 3x magnifier will be more than enough for all divisions, especially if a magnifier is allowed in the Practical division. Also, no 10rd mag divisions, nobody wants that. I saw make the Practical division either 140mm mags or grip length mags with no magwell or extension.
  4. I have to disagree with that, in New York firearms manufacturing and firearms sales are deemed non-essential. So in other words they aren't currently open, so they aren't working, which means they aren't building or working on guns.
  5. I'm a pimited shooter and that is what I do. I use Strelok and dial so that I'm top edge of the furthest and the memorize my holds formal of the targets. If there is an extreme distance variation, yesterday we had targets ranging from 230-620, so I shot the first 4 and then dialed on the clock for the 2 furthest.
  6. I'm really hoping New York starts reopening soon so Dan Wesson can start building guns again.
  7. You're the first person I've seen in amy thread who has actually shot one. You have to give details on how it shot because I know many of us are really interested in hearing your feedback.
  8. Stages were released recently and they look awesome. I can't wait to shoot this match.
  9. I've got the money for this pistol sitting in an account just waiting for it to get released. This COVID ordeal ruined my plans to have this pistol by now.
  10. Match saver yes, an extra round on the side of your gun can save you if you miss count or have too many make up shots and run dry with 1 target standing.
  11. What is the mag capacity with an extension for the 9mm? I'm seeing 21rds of 40 but 22rds for 9mm, I'd expect the 9mm to be able to hold more than 1 extra round over the 40.
  12. Wow that's nuts. If you take them up on their offer let us know your opinion of the mag they send you.
  13. I did a quick check, the Brownells code for %10 off and free shipping did drop the price even though it's preorder/backorder. Brought the price down to $1,540 shipped, I didn't order but was curious.
  14. As long as it accepts chokes it should still be pretty useable you will just have to run a tighter choke since your velocity will be lower. Also if you put an RMR on it you will be bumping yourself to open with guys running magazine fed shotguns and those with tube fed guns have 12-14rd mag tubes that will be full at the start.
  15. I think the whole shotgun thing is blown out of proportion by those who want am excuse. Quad loading can be learned pretty quickly by someone who wants to learn how to do it. The shotgun itself is no more expensive than either of the other guns, I use a Stoeger m3k which can be had for $600, MOA sells an extension kit with follower for $92. At that point you have a competitive 3 gun shotgun that comes with 3 chokes so you can't complain about lack of choke options. Shell caddies are expensive, a caddy from Invictus Practical that holds 12rds is $100 and that is enough for most stages at a local match.
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