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  1. I couple weeks ago I was shooting a local 3 gun match, got to a stage realized that after my last dry fire session I never removed my dummy rounds and just loaded live ammo over top of them. After the 3rd failure to fire I realized what I had done and swapped mags. I felt like an idiot, I immediately stripped all of the rounds out of the mags before the next stage and reloaded them completely with live ammo.
  2. Like another commented mentioned I'd just buy some +5 extensions, you'll most likely end up buying basepads for the 21rd mags anyways so might as well just buy extensions for the 17rd mags to get to 22rds, then grams follower kits to get 23rds.
  3. Is there anywhere with a list of the candidates for Pres and the Area directors? I can't seem to find a list anywhere. This is my first year so I don't know the process too well but I am surprised that USPSA doesn't have a candidate list anywhere, seems a little shady.
  4. There is nothing wrong with the Brownells lightweight bcg, I use an Aim Surplus lightweight bcg that is about the same price. I just looked over your list again, I would go with a much more aggressive comp, the one you have is more flash hider than comp imo. There are many great comps at a wide array of price points. As for yandguard, I would personally steer away from one with a flat bottom, it sounds good in theory that you can brace off of flat objects easier, but in 3 gun I very rarely have a flat surface to brace against, my of the things we can brace off of are at weird angles like Tank traps which a flat bottom would be a bit of a hindrance imo.
  5. Looks pretty good so far, only critiques I have are with the trigger. I'd lean more towards a si gle stage trigger for 3 gun, if you like Geissele look at the S3g trigger. as for the buffer weights, with the adjustable gas block I'd make the weights in the buffer system as light as possible, no need to add weight when you have the adjustable gas block.
  6. MustangMan

    M17 slide on an X5

    Or you could just buy an X5 grip module and a GrayGuns competition trigger kit.
  7. They are most likely entirely polymer, Lancer is the only company I know of that has polymer bodies with metal feed lips and those are only in ar platform mags. Their warranty is pretty damn good, any issues and they fix it pretty quickly. I'm excited about the mags as extras for a great price, and interested in the 40rd Glock mag for a PCC.
  8. I would love one but for the price it would likely come to I would not be a buyer. The high prices would push my overall gun costs north of some guns like a Shadow 2 which would fit my needs more than a steel framed P320.
  9. Thanks for the info guys, I already have a USPSA membership. Looks like I'll just look through the mags she got and pick one that looks the most interesting.
  10. In that case, which would be the best gun mag to get a subscription for?
  11. Stepmother got me a bunch of gun related magazines for Christmas and told me she would get me a year subscription for any mag I wanted, so I come to you fine folks on here. What is the best magazine for someone getting into competitive shooting, 3 gun currently soon will do some USPSA matches and in the future maybe some long range precision matches.
  12. I had the upgrade done on my original gun already.
  13. I ordered an RX X-change kit last week when they went on sale, kit came in today and tonight after work I decided to swap the RX slide onto my 3 gun pistol, intention is to do shoot some Carry Optics in between 3 gun matches for fun, well I went to dry fire the pistol some and the trigger is dead, I swapped slides back and forth a few times and everytime the RX slide was on the pistol the trigger would not work. While playing with it to try and figure it out I found out that if I pushed the slide downwards while squeezing the trigger it would fire. Doing some slide swapping and comparisons it seems the front of the RX slide sits higher above the grip module than my original slide does. Is this an issue with the slide I got or something else?
  14. I got in on this deal, plus the 25% off coupon code that came with the Voluntary upgrade worked with the 20% off. Got a full size RX Xchange kit for $384.xx with tax shipped. Now I can swap slides and remove my x5 magwell on my 3gun pistol and shoot carry optics.
  15. Great video! I've been wanting to build a 224v and have now started acquiring some of the pieces. So far I picked a Luth AR MBA 4 and Luth AR Chubby grip off the BRM3G prize table and a Seekins 20% off code(will use for a 15in rail and maybe some odds and ends). I already have a forged Mega upper and lower that I will use for this build.
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