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  1. Did they call you? I submitted my order Wed morning. Hoping I have one on the way. Edit: Disregard. My order status is now cancelled as well.
  2. Same here. Went out of stock the other night, was able to order one the next morning. We’ll see I guess. Good thing I’m in no rush.
  3. Thanks for the pics @mxj23! OK MPX gurus... What say you? Is this enough to go on to determine if this version is a bona fide gen 3 as we all hope?
  4. Interested if this is the same as the PCC version without Timney trigger? For the price, seems hard to beat even adding a new trigger back into the price. Description on Cabelas says flash hider, but picture appears to show a brake.
  5. Has anybody heard if Springer Precision will be doing any black friday deals? I looked back at FB from last year, but didn’t see anything posted.
  6. IndyColtsFan

    P320 X5 Thread

    It should absolutely work with the factory trigger. In my experience the Apex bar will reduce the take-up and give you a more crisp break. It may, however, add some weight to the trigger pull. The combo of the Apex bar and Apex enhanced trigger (or GG trigger) should yield you crisp break with a pull weight less than factory.
  7. IndyColtsFan

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yes. I am still rocking (2) pre-upgrade X5’s. One has an Apex trigger bar and GG trigger. The other just has a GG trigger. I have used the Apex enhanced flat trigger as well and works 100%. I found the flat Apex trigger shoe would leave my finger aching after a match or practice session. Others use them with no issues. I simply prefer the GG trigger profile over the Apex.
  8. Check with a local lock and safe company. Sometimes they will take used safes on trade from jewelry stores and pawn shops. My safe came out of a pawn shop and is UL rated Class T-30 burglary. Cost 1/4 the price of new. Also allowed me to create my own interior with racks, shelves and lighting.
  9. Here are the results from yesterday as the fam wouldn't let me slip out to the range on Sunday: Acme 147gr FP 3.225gr Sport Pistol CCI 500 1.135 OAL 131.6 Avg PF Acme 147gr FP 3.30gr Sport Pistol CCI 500 1.135 OAL 134.1 Avg PF Acme 147gr FP 3.425gr Sport Pistol CCI 500 1.135 OAL 135.9 Avg PF Powder throw weights were an average of 4 measured throws. Sample size ranged from 11 to 24. The highest load showed the least variance at 1.51 STDEVA in power factor for a 24 shot group. Subjectively, the lowest load had the tightest group on target. This was at 20yds from a bench. It was also the first group and I was the most careful while shooting it.
  10. I'm running some ladder loads tomorrow for 147gr Acme FP's in my X5. I'll report back tomorrow on chrono and accuracy results.
  11. If you tighten the shellplate bolt does it get rid of the click? I noticed the same thing today on my press when the index pawl returns. I'm running a lightweight detent ball and shellplate bearing kit.
  12. I am currently rocking a pair of Columbia-Montrail Trans Alps FKT trail running shoes for my big hooves (15). They have good traction and relatively good cushioning without being overly squishy. My next pair will likely be Altra's due to the more natural toe box.
  13. When reassembling the used press I purchased, I mistakenly put a second spring under the index pawl. This obviously caused issues with indexing the shell plate. I had to run the bolt very loose due to the extra tension caused by the index pawl being oversprung. I think you're on the right track looking into the pawl spring and ring indexer.
  14. Could it be an issue with the shell plate bolt not being tight enough? As small of mass as the indexing pawl is, I wouldn't think it should be causing that much vibration or "click."
  15. Both have the same form, fit and function. I would go with whichever you can get at a lower price.
  16. This was my understanding as well, that each particular match COULD designate an official match ammunition. Reading the rules, it appears the “official match ammo” designation only prevents you from being bumped to minor scoring (if your “official match ammo” fails to meet major PF) or going subminor and shooting just for fun (should your official match ammo fail to meet minor PF). You are still required to chrono as well.
  17. +1 for Acme 147gr FP. Have not tried SNS, so not a direct comparison. I can tell you Acme bullets are consistent and coating holds up. I recently ordered a small batch of another vendor (lots of color options) and their sizing was significantly different than advertised and their coating had flaked off just in shipping. Lots of people I shoot with use SNS and I’m sure they are great bullets. For me, Acme gets the job done at a lower price.
  18. I run the Speed Jacket frames under my muffs without issue. They have thin ear stems as well.
  19. Agreed. I bought 500 last fall before our section match. Ran great. If they were closer in price to my reloads, they would be my go to. As such, I will probably still run them in majors just to be safe. I ran a group of 10 over my chrono. Average PF was 138 out of my X5.
  20. I run the DAA Racer (plastic body) mag pouches. I keep them turned to the loosest setting and have not had any problems at all with my 320 mags.
  21. IndyColtsFan

    P320 X5 Thread

    It appears the sear springs are significantly lighter gauge on the GGI kit than OEM. That should lighten the trigger pull weight as well, correct?
  22. Keep your eyes on Brownell's as well. I picked up half a case (500) for $114 shipped earlier this fall for our section match.
  23. What was the problem with JB Weld? Did it provide good adhesion between the media and the grip?
  24. Thanks for posting the video. I’m trying to figure out how to build-up my X5 grip a little more before doing this. I guess you could let it dry and do multiple layers in places? What else could you use to add more girth to the grip before doing epoxy/grit?
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