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  1. I would check out Fenix Ammunition. this one for practice 9mm 147gn practice this one for actual competition 9mm 147gn competion
  2. I keep reading posts about how the Stock 3 is overweight for IDPA which is 43oz. so I went and got a lightened guide rod from Patriot Defense, a fiber front sight from Dawson, and some G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips, and a digital scale. Mine is a 10mm and was actually under 43oz stock at 42.6oz https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EbL-KFQa-pdImcARp0q0fm8Brma22GAMs4OfPMWffo8NIQ?e=LBSvvi The magazine is an extra 3.35oz https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/Ear9HrOeZGBLk4Jw0_QwiukBzIwfSyDTCjJwaxlGGQwBnA?e=4pmQCg The G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips actually weigh more than the stock grips but have much better grip. https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EbL-KFQa-pdImcARp0q0fm8Brma22GAMs4OfPMWffo8NIQ?e=l7fKT7 https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EQM6jxuxqz5JkScKIM8bH04BIqKHOI-9B8G9JSfTq5N9LA?e=c2d2fc and the new total weight comes in at 42.60oz. https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EU1jCaGUBdhLvGl4DPyH-lcBB1COXL5gnDmaKm-KQasQuQ?e=JQ7qLu The only thing i can figure is that when the Stock 3 is 9mm then it is overweight. David.
  3. Hex Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder which is available in bulk. It is also being used as a bullet coating in rifles as a replacement for moly. It would work very well as a brass lube I would imagine. Actually a number of benefits come to mind but it might also make handling/loading the brass in the magazines a little more clumsy.
  4. I'm confused as to why the Heavy Metal division is .45 only. I have heard some people mention that it is actually .45 or larger but that actually seems worse since I see people shooting their .45 that has less recoil than my .40 ! Why not just state that Heavy Metal means that the round you shoot has to be either a certain power factor or must be able to knock over a specific target at a specific distance. I shoot a hot .357sig that has more power than a .45 and my 10mm has way more power, yet I can't shoot either one in Heavy Metal? How does that make sense?
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