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  1. I had two of my pistols coated at Robar Guns, one in NP3 and the other in NP3 Plus. They have lifetime guarantee on the coating and the PTFE electroless nickel is great for wear resistance and lower friction. Fantastic treatments.
  2. I would check out Fenix Ammunition. this one for practice 9mm 147gn practice this one for actual competition 9mm 147gn competion
  3. I keep reading posts about how the Stock 3 is overweight for IDPA which is 43oz. so I went and got a lightened guide rod from Patriot Defense, a fiber front sight from Dawson, and some G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips, and a digital scale. Mine is a 10mm and was actually under 43oz stock at 42.6oz https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EbL-KFQa-pdImcARp0q0fm8Brma22GAMs4OfPMWffo8NIQ?e=LBSvvi The magazine is an extra 3.35oz https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/Ear9HrOeZGBLk4Jw0_QwiukBzIwfSyDTCjJwaxlGGQwBnA?e=4pmQCg The G10 Thin Grips by LOK Grips actually weigh more than the stock grips but have much better grip. https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EbL-KFQa-pdImcARp0q0fm8Brma22GAMs4OfPMWffo8NIQ?e=l7fKT7 https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EQM6jxuxqz5JkScKIM8bH04BIqKHOI-9B8G9JSfTq5N9LA?e=c2d2fc and the new total weight comes in at 42.60oz. https://austincs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/david_satchell_austincs_net/EU1jCaGUBdhLvGl4DPyH-lcBB1COXL5gnDmaKm-KQasQuQ?e=JQ7qLu The only thing i can figure is that when the Stock 3 is 9mm then it is overweight. David.
  4. Hex Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder which is available in bulk. It is also being used as a bullet coating in rifles as a replacement for moly. It would work very well as a brass lube I would imagine. Actually a number of benefits come to mind but it might also make handling/loading the brass in the magazines a little more clumsy.
  5. I'm confused as to why the Heavy Metal division is .45 only. I have heard some people mention that it is actually .45 or larger but that actually seems worse since I see people shooting their .45 that has less recoil than my .40 ! Why not just state that Heavy Metal means that the round you shoot has to be either a certain power factor or must be able to knock over a specific target at a specific distance. I shoot a hot .357sig that has more power than a .45 and my 10mm has way more power, yet I can't shoot either one in Heavy Metal? How does that make sense?
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