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  1. Make sure your grip is as high as it can be and try to roll your elbows inwards towards the ground.
  2. Does dry fire practice at home really help?
  3. It is your typical silhouette that police use at seven yards.
  4. They closed my favorite shooting spot out in the desert south of Tucson, does anyone know of another place to go?
  5. I am just curious what are the advantages or disadvantages between the two divisions? I am just starting out and am leaning towards limited because you do not have to reload as much.
  6. Draw from duty holster, shoot two in one target, reload shoot two in another target, reload and shoot two in third target in under six seconds.
  7. Thank you all for the great advice, I have some thinking to do.
  8. I do not have STI money that's for sure. That's why I was thinking Glock.
  9. I have never shot a CZ, I have shot Glocks, Sigs, FNs and 1911s.
  10. Hi I would like to shoot USPSA Limited major power factor. Any recommendations on what weapon and gear to get? Glock 35, CZ Tactical Sport Orange?
  11. Thank you for your service as well!

  12. Thanks for the warm welcome and all the info!
  13. Hello, I wish I had funds, it all goes to ammo
  14. You will be hooked after your first match.
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