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  1. DAV33,  I appreciate the reply even with an email reply.  I have not tried Accurate #2 powder but  have had experience with Scot and Accurate other powders over years.  My XDM comp 5.25 inch model is a .45.  I mostly play and test 9mm with a CZ P-09 with regular white dot sights.  My range therapy today was only on a club skeet field.  

  2. "Fav 9mm for XDM...? Well, my XDM competition (5.25") is a .45 ACP and it will eat anything (and it follows me home). It must like me but so does a CZ P-09. I enjoyed unloading brass cases so that I can load some more. I appreciate the 9mm posted comments--very good comments. I will try some Bullet Bullet samples in the CZ 9mm.
  3. 1) I do not have complete documentation regarding when I get "dropped" from the forum while I was active. 2) I did however start a reply to a CLAYS topic but I had not previously seen a message saying that the topic was closed. I think that a reference was made about loads for something I am not trying to remember for reasons (incomplete input without detailed parameters). I thought that I had a potentially helpful reply started. I do NOT post powder charges but I made some reference to variables not provided. The powder was Solo 1250 (not Solo 1000). 3) I have been an IT person for multiple (many) years but I am not a network or web person. I am not a grad student of this forum operation.
  4. Sarge et al, I am new to this forum but sometimes seem to be not connected (off-line). I am not a network systems person but I dislike having to log in again while I am keying my own replies or viewing while logged on. Other: I don't see the year on some posts but maybe I have not read all info available about the forum operation. I chose user Sarge because of some posts. I do not know if my reply will be inserted at the proper place but I did not fully explain that. Other: My personal computer on Windows 10 might want to do updates when "it" feels like it. DeltaGray out (on this reply)
  5. THANKS, ChuckS. I am a vet--did not retire but I am "for" veteran support. I volunteered to help support Wounded Warriors but they asked for money. They were barking up the wrong tree with me.
  6. I am liking this "BE" Forum. I only know the Hurst, TX name mainly because the Hurst part of HEB municipal bonds (where HEB) are first letters of three cities). An Austin policeman told me (reminded me) about the forum.
  7. I very much liked what MemphisMechanic said. I understand and appreciate what was said. I just helped a new re-loader student after he chose a powder by himself that surprised me but he was backwards confused about burn rate for 9mm and .45 ACP. I like to test (contrast/compare) powder brands but I can make a decision for "game time" (for pistol, rifle and shotgun loads).
  8. Jumprun13K, thanks. I never tell all that I know (as I told a subset of women on my former staff) so I have something else to say; however, my staff found out that I listened. I used to be a very serious introvert. I did not have to speak many years ago when I was invited to play TAPS for a ceremony in Gettysburg, PA. DeltaGray
  9. Hi-Power Jack: 1) I do have a CZ P-09 in 9mm. I did not have to change the fixed sights!! Initial hits were where I aimed at close range with arms resting on a range bag. I don't have any good holsters for semi's. I like the CZ guys (Dave and Rich). I was in a class with Dave Miller and we did some sporting clay breaking. I ordered a CZ pump via Rich who knows about the OLD Dan Wesson revolvers. 2) My most newer tool is a Springfield .45 ACP XDM 5.25 competition. That one has an adjustable rear sight but I have not turned the screws. I plan to run the CZ P-09 and the XDM 5.25 in stock mode at least for now. I don't run and gun, so to speak, but I can appreciate a nominal 3.5 pound pull on a Colt .45 and a 2 ounce Jewel trigger on a Remington 40XBR is okay for a bench tool. 3) Regarding you Q to me about competition shooting, I have not yet done IDPA or other. I am avoiding hot sun rays but I sometimes pistol practice but I like to get outside to unload cases so I get some other Dillon 550 exercise (but only in .45 ACP, 9mm, 40 S&W, 38 Special). My backup press is a RCBS for .45 Auto RIm cases rifle calibers and Contender calibers not mentioned.
  10. 1) I am new to this forum. I purchased a Brian Enos book years ago. 2) I sometimes write on a CZ forum but an active duty police officer mentioned "Be", Blue Bullets, equipment parts etc. 3) I saw a post from Wolfmetalfab (maybe from Mt. Airy, MD). I have been to Mt. Airy many times. My former grandmother's farm later became a winery in Mt. Airy, MD. 4) I have never done IDPA or other but have done Team Challenge years ago (2000, 2001) that took four guns to compete and I was a RO one year. I got to meet or see some of the "big boys" (Jerry, Bruce, et al). 5) The Brian Enos forum content is very interesting. I read about eye dominance, eye glass correction (such as to see front sight), 9mm projectile weights and powder "guesses". I used to cast lead (Pb with other ingredients) but I lent out my H&G brand moulds (or molds) and other along with a Star lube/sizer with a .452 size die for .45 ACP. Some days, filling cases and helping people is almost as fun as unloading brass cases. Oh, I load shotgun shells. 6) I am an instructor of different types but not certified in pistol. I teach hunter education (since 2000) and I am a sporting clay's NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) Level 1 certified instructor (2001) and also a referee. I did not mention that I am or was an "old" trap shooter. Be safe!
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