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  1. Fair enough, I could never understand.
  2. I must be doing it wrong. My 45acps snap into the clips with light to moderate thumb pressure. I demoon with a 50BMG case that I took a dremel to. 0 issues.
  3. I use Blue Bullets 230's for 45acp and am Very Well Pleased with them. For .38 special I use Bayou 160's. I sure wish that Blue made something comparable but without the groove.
  4. I compete with a 625. I carry a 1911. My bedside is a K frame. My home response might be a 590 or an AKM. Not a problem.
  5. Shooting a 6 shot revolver, especially with speed loaders means that I burn / make up shots frequently depending upon stage design and my accuracy that day. Or when engaging an activator.
  6. One of my 50BMGs has a nitrided barrel. I like it so far - appx 1000 rounds.
  7. I'm 62 starting my 3rd year of IDPA and will never run with the hotshoes - so I run a revolver and love it. Now if you want to see Old guys having fun you should check out my 1000 yd 50BMG shooting buddies.
  8. I have gotten quite partial to hand priming with the Frankford Arsenal tool. For 38 special I prefer Federal SPMMP. For 45acp I prefer Federal LPMP. I decap, wet tumble w/pins, dry, size, polish tumble, and hand prime. Brass is sorted by Manufacturer for loading.
  9. Death Wish Coffee. We get 5 lbs every month on a subscription.
  10. I use my Speedbeez to check rounds on the bench as well as moonclips. I also have an old 1911 barrel on the bench to double check any I question.
  11. 625JM Hole plugged. Jerry's springs from Jerry. VZ Grips. SDM front sight. SDM latch release. SpeedBeez holster. 4Wheelguns moonclips and carriers. IDPA Fun.
  12. After spending an afternoon at a couple stores with large pistol walls I handed my wife an EZ. It was the only pistol that her arthritic hands could rack. She loves it. It is the first pistol that she has ever shown an interest in and she loves it. She is currently wearing out the owners manual and getting comfortable with the basic mechanics. Today we introduced snap caps. I will break the gun in and let her get her first few shots in, but then I intend to turn her over to a female trainer that I met at an IDPA match. My wife would fit in Super Senior. I picked up a couple of extra mags and am looking for a holster and would try it in BUG IDPA. I bought the one without the manual safety.
  13. I am running North Mountains? in IDPA. Even though they could hold two each, I am limited to one in each holder. Three holders total. One in front of the holster within 1", with a second in front of it within 1". The third behind the hip on the weak side (could be worn on the strong side behind the hip). I can double for my LAMR.
  14. Bicycle racer/adventure camper food. Tailwind Nutrition.
  15. I find that with moon clips, I get my brass back. And NO hassle for anyone more than picking up empty mags.
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