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  1. I wear a Cabellas Safari vest and an Uncle Mikes Instructor belt. Big key ring in the R/F inner pocket.
  2. Just got a shipment notice for Blue Bullets ordered early Jan, almost exactly 10 weeks. Nothing from Bayou ordered at the same time.
  3. Received Blue Bullets order for 230gn 45acp placed 09/04 on 11/07. Still waiting for 158gn 38spcl placed same day.
  4. My Blue Bullets order of August 3rd arrived yesterday, October 24th. Outer packaging in good condition, internal packaging intact.
  5. I shoot IDPA because I choose to shoot a 45acp revolver. I tried USPSA, but it seemed kind of pointless.
  6. I contributed to some of those crazy points down totals. Absolutely the Best Match I have ever been to. Great People, Awesome Stages, Incredible Location, and a First Class Facility. My final standings were not important - I did not DQ and I had Serious FUN! While seeing others exhibiting top level performances. What a Great Event!
  7. My 625 was tuned to Federal LPMM primers. I then switched to 45GAP with Federal SPMM primers. I see no functional difference at all.
  8. Wrangler Men's Outdoor Comfort Flex Cargo Pant. ^^^Exactly these. Fit my tall skinny frame with just a tiny bit of stretch for IWB. Good belt loop placement for OWB. Great pockets. Made in Mexico. Less than $20 at Walmart.
  9. When I was 5, maybe 6 Grandpa made sure that I got the BB gun. I recall how difficult it was to cock. At 8 I was shooting sparrows off of tin roofs with his 22 short Remington. By 9 it was pheasants and turtledove with a single shot 410. At 10 I got my Nylon 66 and the opportunity to shoot his 28 gauge. I never wondered why his choice for a shotgun fit me so well. At 16 I began the slaying of Deer and Elk which continued until 41 with various 99E's and Ruger revolvers. At that point, I had killed enough animals to not need to do that again. I owned shotguns and pistols for varmints and
  10. Just enough to reliably make power factor with 230gn Blue Bullets. I use Federal SMMP primers and Titegroup. I am getting 727fps with a SD of 10. Since there are no published loads for Titegroup and 230gn in GAP I am hesitant to state exact charges. Start Very Low and work up.
  11. I'm shooting 45GAP and just want my brass back... Hence the clips.
  12. I am very happy with my Comp Tac from Speed Beez for my 625. I use Comp III's with my K frames and run holders from either Speed Beez or 4wheelguns - don't recall. Edited to add: Comp Tac from the same source for my K frames also and just as Happy. Edited to add: I run Blade Tech on my 1911 and just as Happy.
  13. Our Club shot the Postal Match today. I shot it with both Revolver and CDP. I found it to be interesting and the stages to be in general more fun than the existent classifiers. The difference between 6 and 8/9 was surprising, and what I heard from the 10/11 shooters was similar. All in all good stages and a good match.
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