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  1. My 625 was tuned to Federal LPMM primers. I then switched to 45GAP with Federal SPMM primers. I see no functional difference at all.
  2. Wrangler Men's Outdoor Comfort Flex Cargo Pant. ^^^Exactly these. Fit my tall skinny frame with just a tiny bit of stretch for IWB. Good belt loop placement for OWB. Great pockets. Made in Mexico. Less than $20 at Walmart.
  3. When I was 5, maybe 6 Grandpa made sure that I got the BB gun. I recall how difficult it was to cock. At 8 I was shooting sparrows off of tin roofs with his 22 short Remington. By 9 it was pheasants and turtledove with a single shot 410. At 10 I got my Nylon 66 and the opportunity to shoot his 28 gauge. I never wondered why his choice for a shotgun fit me so well. At 16 I began the slaying of Deer and Elk which continued until 41 with various 99E's and Ruger revolvers. At that point, I had killed enough animals to not need to do that again. I owned shotguns and pistols for varmints and security as I lived a rural lifestyle. About 2012 I developed an interest in the 50BMG and began 600 and 1000 yard competition with the FCSA. In 2017 after purchasing a 625 that had caught my eye for NO apparent reason, I found a local (45min) club with a 900yd range for practice and load development. After joining, I have had my rifle there once but became a Very Active IDPA shooter. Whooda Thought. I think my Grandfather would be proud.
  4. Just enough to reliably make power factor with 230gn Blue Bullets. I use Federal SMMP primers and Titegroup. I am getting 727fps with a SD of 10. Since there are no published loads for Titegroup and 230gn in GAP I am hesitant to state exact charges. Start Very Low and work up.
  5. Bullseye for 45acp and Titegroup for 45GAP 230 coated lead.
  6. I'm shooting 45GAP and just want my brass back... Hence the clips.
  7. I am very happy with my Comp Tac from Speed Beez for my 625. I use Comp III's with my K frames and run holders from either Speed Beez or 4wheelguns - don't recall. Edited to add: Comp Tac from the same source for my K frames also and just as Happy. Edited to add: I run Blade Tech on my 1911 and just as Happy.
  8. Our Club shot the Postal Match today. I shot it with both Revolver and CDP. I found it to be interesting and the stages to be in general more fun than the existent classifiers. The difference between 6 and 8/9 was surprising, and what I heard from the 10/11 shooters was similar. All in all good stages and a good match.
  9. I must be doing it wrong. My 45acps snap into the clips with light to moderate thumb pressure. I demoon with a 50BMG case that I took a dremel to. 0 issues.
  10. I use Blue Bullets 230's for 45acp and am Very Well Pleased with them. For .38 special I use Bayou 160's. I sure wish that Blue made something comparable but without the groove.
  11. I compete with a 625. I carry a 1911. My bedside is a K frame. My home response might be a 590 or an AKM. Not a problem.
  12. Shooting a 6 shot revolver, especially with speed loaders means that I burn / make up shots frequently depending upon stage design and my accuracy that day. Or when engaging an activator.
  13. One of my 50BMGs has a nitrided barrel. I like it so far - appx 1000 rounds.
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